Covid stones have a new home

Posted on 12th October 2023 | in Amble Town Council , Community , Coronavirus

Readers may remember the painted stones at the Little Shore, created by locals and visitors of all ages during the Covid 19 lockdown. It was then that Jacqui Jones and Kate Morrison looked to find a permanent home for the stones.

People are asked not to stand on or dig out the stones, after damage has already been done. Pictured: Jacqui Jones, Stephen Lunn who made the plaque, and Kate Morrison

Now the project has come to fruition as they have been fixed in one of the planters opposite Dilston Terrace, along with a plaque made by Stephen Lunn.
However, concerns have been raised that people are climbing on the planter, and in some instances the stones have been dug out.

The pair want to thank all the people who helped make the project happen: Beth Sunter for her original idea. Harbour Commissioners for helping to collect and store them. Nick Spurr for storing the stones for 18 months, and donating money towards cement. Stephen Lunn for donating the information plaque. Peter Sample for his building knowledge. Matthew Connolly and Gary Morrison from Amble Youth Project, and young person, Issy and her parents for supplying equipment and donating time to secure the stones in the raised bed. Jim Donnelly and Julia Aston for helping to place the stones in the raised bed. The county council for allowing the painted stones to have a permanent home in the raised bed. Amble Town Council for their donation for cement.

Kate Morrison said, “We hope that people will respect the effort that the children and people of Amble made to paint the pictures and that they will help to protect it. Everyone gave their time, expertise and donations of money to make this project a success.”



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3 thoughts on "Covid stones have a new home"

  1. Andrew Lloyd says:

    Why can’t the stones be embedded/ covered in a clear resin. In order to make sure they will remain as a reminder of those years COVID 19 affected everyone’s lives.

  2. Stephen says:

    Why can’t things be left alone and enjoyed by everyone. A lot of effort goes into things like this for them only to be wrecked by some mindless people.

  3. This is a great project. If there are specific ways the community can contribute to the ongoing protection of the artwork.

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