Housing development resubmitted for Braid Hill

Posted on 24th November 2023 | in Community

A housing development for Braid Hill has been resubmitted by Northumberland Estates, after they withdrew a previous proposal.

Described once again as a ‘Lifetime Neighbourhood’ the plans comprise 96 residential units which include a supported living block, and a mix of two and three bedroomed houses.

The Independent Supported Living block comprises 58 apartments over three floors

One main difference to the previous plans is that access to the development would come via Riverside Park, not across the Braid.

The previous proposal was withdrawn after planners had indicated it would not be approved.
Since then Northumberland Estates and NCC have been working on a re-designed development, which includes moving the Independent Supported Living Apartments to the eastern end of the site and updating the design to reduce scale and massing.

Northumberland Estates claim the Amble area has a significant need for independent supported living accommodation. The residential block will include 58 one and two bedroom apartments plus staff facilities. There are to be 40 two and three bedroom houses. The residential units will also include affordable housing.

Access to the site will now come via Riverside Park

Northumberland Estates’ development planner Guy Munden said: “Supported living promotes independence by enabling people to live in their own homes.

“Despite widespread support for the original planning application, some residents expressed concerns about the loss of open space at the Braid.

There will be 40 two and three bedroom houses

“In the new application, we have addressed those concerns in full, providing alternative access through the existing residential estate.”

Full plans can be seen on NCC’s website: Ref 23/04183/FUL

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9 thoughts on "Housing development resubmitted for Braid Hill"

  1. Kathleen little says:

    Will the entrance/exit to Riverside Park be altered to make it safe? At present it is very difficult.

  2. D Patterson says:

    There is already enough new housing in Amble which has been built in the last 5 years.

  3. Shelagh Williams says:

    I would like to know just what percentage of the residential units will be ” affordable housing” and what is the proposed pricing of the houses – are these again going to be £400k plus as with the development up Gloster Hill ? Additionally Amble just does not have the infrastructure for more housing – there is a long waiting list for a Dentist, difficulty in obtaining Dr Appointments etc. Correct me if I am wrong but has not Amble housing stock grown far more than the Council stated some years ago. Additionally will Amble residents get priority for the residential units?

  4. Margaret says:

    Will there be any caveats saying the new homes cannot be bought and used as holiday lets? Will local families get priority? Will it be affordable? Will existing infrastructure be improved to provide support to existing businesses? Why are so many housing developments being approved for the town? Will road safety be an issue – with so many new homes being built already, how will increased traffic be managed? What impact will this development have on the shore birds and other wildlife along the estuary and the braid?

  5. We need a large mirror on the other side of the road so we can see traffic comming from warkworth it is very dangerous very resident in riverside park has experienced nearmises it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt, an increase of more than 100 cars a day using this entrance if planning is passed for this new development would be a disaster,

  6. Lloyd Andrew says:

    Will the independent living facilities be open to housing association residents or not? Has the rising sea levels been taken into account the future flooding of the area. Where I use to live houses that close to the ocean had to protect against the one in a thousand year flood before they got planning approval.

  7. John bird says:

    What council would give planning approval to build on a former rubbish tip on a grade 2 designated flood plain? I gave argued with NCC before for a moratorium on all future planning applications because of chronic lack of infrastructure and the dangerous traffic situation at the bottom of the Wynd. What will happen when the Guiders burn Floods?

    John bird 11 Mariners view

  8. Rob Walker says:

    I believe this was always the plan and the original plan to cross the Gut was simply a smokescreen to reduce residents resolve to oppose the development.

    I still strongly oppose the development of this piece of land as I did before. There will be a huge impact on existing residents through increased traffic. The proximity to the Gut is unsuitable, there is an impact to wildlife, an open space will be lost and all in the name of making a quick profit. No!

  9. Muriel Carter says:

    Well on viewing the new plans;it does nothing to address the look of Getto living The supported living block looks like a prison;and following the Covid outbreak when people had to stay indoors in other countries around the world it was show that dog box living is not a heathy environment for any body .It is time the developers rethink their plans. There is not enough infrastructure in a Sea Side town such as Amble;for this type of development.Affordable housing in the guise of mass development;money,is all the developers are interested in,as they live in the leafy streets of Ponteland and beyond.Nothing Social about this type of housing.Increases congestion on the road;in and around the town Thankyou

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