Reports from our County Councillors #145

Posted on 20th March 2024 | in Northumberland County Council

Cllr Terry Clark

I secured funding through my small schemes budget (capital) towards CCTV units within the town, placed at the Paddlers and Fourways helping upgrade the existing system.

I have also had permission to finance five grit bins through my revenue allocation (2024) in area’s that do not meet the criteria for bins, within area’s not adopted and too flat to qualify for grit bins.

Slip and trip accidents do increase in winter, especially when ice and snow build up on paths. To avoid these hazards five bins will be placed and filled on the understanding residents and parties receiving them will become responsible for them, they must maintain them, and refill them and be liable for them.

I am still chasing start dates for the anticipated zebra crossing on Percy Drive. The scheme aims to promote a safer environment and to reduce the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians.

I am pleased to see the interactive speed sign has been erected in High Hauxley at the cost of £6K from my small schemes, helping to reduce speeding vehicles through the village. During high winds the solar panels turned in the wrong direction causing the unit to malfunction. Once these signs are installed they become the responsibility of the parish council, they do come with a five year warranty from the manufacturer who will fix the issue.

Fix My Street is still working well and is the easiest way to report problems directly to NCC using the app or website, but residents are still having issues reporting and receiving information. NCC officers state the system is still being fine-tuned, some responses need to be clearer and probably more training is needed in house.

Terry Clark    07779 983768

We don’t have County Council elections this year, but on May 2 we elect a new mayor for the Northeast. The mayor will head up the new combined authority which will unlock £4.2 billion of investment to the region.

Cllr Jeff Watso

The Conservative candidate is Bamburgh County Councillor Guy Renner-Thompson who also heads up education in Northumberland. Under Guy’s leadership Northumberland’s Ofsted results have risen to a new high with 95% of our schools being rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ including James Calvert Spence College.

Work has begun to redevelop the Amble Middle school. Amble First School is moving there and is set to become a 210-place primary school with a 26 -place nursery attached. Barndale House School from Alnwick will also open a 50-place satellite location there, meaning children with special education needs won’t need to travel so far.

I am pleased to see the work that has been carried out at my request on Woodbine Street and the Mason’s corner. Further work is to be done to indicate the Woodbine Street bus stop and disabled access to the buses.

The plans for the large development surrounding JCSC are due to go to Planning Committee, the development already has outline planning permission. The application being considered is for the site layout and details of open spaces etc. and includes 70 plus affordable homes (a mixture of rentable and for sale properties.) There are several suggested contributions to Amble as a condition of the development and I will do my best to get them agreed.

Negotiations around various legal issues concerning the footpath etc on the Coble quay area are nearing completion and NCC lawyers are working to get a solution without further delay.

Enjoy the Spring!

Jeff Watson   07802385367

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