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  • Carers Northumberland

    Carers Northumberland

    18th July 2014

    If you spend time looking after someone who depends on you because they are ill, frail…

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  • Money matters to carers

    Money matters to carers

    15th May 2014

    A local charity has been helping carers get advice and support with money worries. Carers Northumberland,…

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  • Carers, get in touch

    Carers, get in touch

    21st March 2014

    The county’s only local charity working for all carers, regardless of their caring circumstances, is concerned…

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  • Carers Northumberland’s miles better

    Carers Northumberland’s miles better

    21st October 2013

    The staff and Trustees of a Northumberland charity used to caring for others have been spending…

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  • Carers’ breaks on the brink?

    Carers’ breaks on the brink?

    1st March 2013

    Caring for a friend or relative can be exhausting and a break from duties can make…

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  • Carers rights day

    Carers rights day

    25th October 2012

    Information Event for Carers in Northumberland At a time of rising living costs, salary freezes and…

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  • Caring for the carers

    Caring for the carers

    17th September 2010

    AMBLE ALERT! Do you live in the Amble area? Do you spend most of your time…

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