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  • Artograffi ‘Spring edition’

    Artograffi ‘Spring edition’

    12th March 2013

    Amble Puffin Festival The Puffin Festival is coming to Amble on May 18th – June 1st….

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  • Poem: Snow

    Poem: Snow

    28th February 2013

    Soft, pure, gentle, All sound smothered. Engulfed in loneliness and wonder. White as absolution, Bleak as…

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  • Weather disruption information

    Weather disruption information

    2nd December 2010

    For updates on school closures, travel and road disruptions in Northumberland during the snowy weather, you can…

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  • Snowy Amble images (slideshow)

    Snowy Amble images (slideshow)

    26th November 2010

    You are very welcome to send us your photos. Email to editor@theambler.co.uk November images of Amble by…

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