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  • What you say… #143

    7th December 2023

    Trees at the A1068 roundabout I really do hope that Persimmons will follow Tom Lloyd’s advice…

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  • Reports from our County Councillors #141

    28th July 2023

    I am pleased to report that I have funded the following, through my small schemes budget:…

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  • Time to think of pedestrians

    20th August 2018

    An elderly lady recently contacted The Ambler as she is concerned about the speed of vehicles…

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  • Northumberland’s ‘citizen speed cops’

    Northumberland’s ‘citizen speed cops’

    13th February 2014

    Northumbrian motorists are being encouraged to slow down by “citizen speed cops” who have been trained…

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  • On yer bike

    On yer bike

    12th August 2011

    At a meeting of the Northumberland Police and Community Forum attended by Chief Superintendent Dennet and…

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