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Why we are known as “The Friendliest Port”

One of the picture stones in Amble’s  Town Square commemorates the RMS Mauretania

On Wednesday 6th July 1935, on her final voyage, RMS Mauretania sailed past Amble on her way to the docks at Rosyth to be broken up.

At 10.25am, the clerk to Amble Urban Council sent the captain of the Mauretania a message of greeting:

“Amble to Mauretania. Greetings from Amble, last port in England, to still the finest ship on the seas”.

Back came the reply:
“Mauretaina to Urban Council, Amble, to the last and kindliest port in England, greetings and thanks. Mauretania.”

Decades of retelling this story means ‘kindliest’ has now turned into ‘friendliest’.

One of the picture stones in Amble Town Square commemorates this conversation between RMS Mauretania and Amble Urban Council.

Amble Town Square

RMS Mauretania was built on Tyneside in the early 1900s

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