Looking back on 2014

Posted on 29th December 2014 | in Community


The band of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers led Amble’s WW1 commemoration procession in August

2014 is nearly over! It’s been a busy year, with many changes in the town. The new Harbour Village, Coble Quay development and one-way system have drawn attention to the harbour area.

For some, it’s a sign of progress and a welcome boost to jobs. Inevitably though, not all comments have been favourable.

Either way, perhaps we should reserve judgement for when the cones, diggers and scaffolding are removed.

Traffic management in the town has probably caused the most controversy during the past year. Parking on the Braid and the Park and Ride scheme were short-term trials during the summer. Now we have more parking on Queen Street, and a new one-way system along Leazes St  (which surprised many of us by including Lawson St and George St), which are also temporary schemes, so let’s see if they have the desired outcome.

Memorable too in 2014, was the WW1 commemoration event, which saw a poignant ceremony, procession and cross laying event organised by the Town Council. A book and film were also created.

Sad too were the deaths of several Amble characters; John Lyth, Ron Falkous, Ray King and Clarence Hedley. All helped make the town such a unique place, all will be missed.

The Ambler team wish you all good wishes for 2015, and in the meantime, here’s a slideshow of some of the memorable events over the last twelve months. Click on each photo for more information:

One thought on "Looking back on 2014"

  1. Tony Reynolds says:

    I live in George Street and back onto thr car park next to the Sea Salt Bistro. Having spent time looking from my upstairs window it is fair to say that the one-way system is not working. Cars pull out of the car park, right opposite a large one-way arrow and turn left instead of right.
    This has gone on ever since the system was introduced and as long as the old white line is in the middle of the road I can’t see it changing.
    I have not seen one police officer or traffic warden on patrol to stop the drivers going the wrong way.Plus many are still coming down from Leazes Street. If this is going to work then it will obviously take more than a few signs.
    Also I cannot understand why Lawson Street and George Street are one-way as the only people it hurts are the residents who live there and have to now to drive all the way round…past those drivers who are posing a crash risk.
    More thought should have gone into the planning and making sure the system was adhered to.
    Tony Reynolds
    George Street

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