New housing developments provoke anger

Posted on 03rd May 2017 | in Community , News

New housing plans drew large crowds at several recent consultations

The number of new houses being proposed in Amble is causing concern amongst many residents, who feel the town cannot cope with such growth.

“I am unhappy about this, it is too many new houses in Amble. There’s no thought going in to retain the character of Amble,” said one local resident at a recent public consultation.

Within the space of seven months, six new developments have been proposed for the Amble area.
This brings the number of new houses to around double the number identified by Northumberland County Council, as being sustainable for the town between now and 2031.

Areas of recent house building, plus possible new development in and adjacent to Amble

Comments voiced to The Ambler criticised a lack of infrastructure to cope with such a large number of new homeowners.

Already there is difficulty in accessing doctors appointments, the fear was this would only get worse with significant numbers of new residents.

There was also a concern over a lack of first school places, and traffic congestion, particularly along Acklington Road.

A residents’ action group has been set up to discuss the situation and what -if anything – can be done.

Gemma Little who set up the group said:
“People were concerned because of the vast developments in Amble and the impact on the town. Look at the amount of developments complete and proposed from 2011 to now, compared to the need. We want to discuss the concerns of residents and form an action of what we need to do.”

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