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Posted on 02nd September 2010 | in Business News , News

A former Amble chandlery is poised to become a cool new eatery. Amble Boat Company owners, Nick and Katie Spurr, have plans to open an ice cream parlour – with a difference. “Spurreli’s” will sell ice creams, coffees and ice cream desserts and provide locals and visitors with a place to sit and watch how the ice cream is being made while enjoying the end product in luxurious surroundings.

Nick told The Ambler: “We closed the chandlery about two years ago – we’ve combined it within our stores. We had this idea of setting up a new business making and selling ice cream and since then we’ve been on a fascinating journey! We don’t profess to come from generations of ice cream makers, but we are interested and excited about creating and developing a brand.”

Katie: “Nick and I are going to be making the ice cream. It will be called Spurreli, which is a play on our name – it’s Italian with a twist. We’ll be focusing on ice cream, coffee and a small amount of patisserie, ice cream cakes. We’re having Illy barista training, so we can sell great coffee alongside the ice cream.”

The pair have put in extensive research and training, even attending trade shows in Rimini in Italy, for equipment and expertise.

Nick: “We want to bring a new experience. There will be 24 flavours which will change throughout the seasons of the year like Christmas, Halloween and Easter and we will even create flavours for local events. You will be able to view the ice cream being made. We want to make a good product very well, and serve it very well. We will be using local dairy products, so the cream and milk will all be from Northumberland herds (specifically the Ayrshire breed known for producing very creamy milk) and all the flavourings and ingredients will be natural. Some of the flavourings will be Italian and some will be made using local ingredients.”

The good news gets sweeter still, as Nick and Katie will be creating some local employment as they run the shop and develop the wholesale market.

Nick: “We want to integrate with Amble as a community as well – we’d like to be able to offer school groups the chance to see how the ice cream is made, for example. We’re developing a website and marketing strategy. There will be 25 seats inside and 25 outside as we have a pavement licence.

“There will be a large flat screen TV, wifi, and we are applying for a premises licence to sell Italian wines and beers by the glass. The aim is to open the week leading up to August Bank Holiday. We are very excited about it!”

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4 thoughts on "Chill out at cool new eatery"

  1. Jim Waugh says:

    Hey you guys best of luck hope it all goes well.
    Jim & Julia

  2. Peter Cannon says:

    The Belgian Choc Icecream a dream, plenty flavours to choose from, always something new to try.

    sorbets, excellent.

    Ice Cream or coffee and now winter broth! in comfortable surrounding.

    a definite asset to the town.

  3. Rob Hewitson says:

    Really pleased to see how well Spurelli’s has come along. Great coffee and soups and ice cream to die for. Friendly well mannered staff too.

    Good luck for 2011.

  4. Julie King (née Dall) says:

    Nick and Katie, I have just heard about your ice cream business. It sounds fantastic.
    Congratulations on making it a sweet success! Lots of love, Julie xxxx

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