Mothers’ Union AGM

Posted on 02nd September 2010 | in Community

The Mothers’ Union at St. Cuthbert’s Church recently sent members to the national A.G.M. at Preston.

On the way we stopped at Skipton The next stop was Blackburn Cathedral where the Celebration Eucharist was to be held. There has been a church on the site for over a thousand years and when the new diocese of Blackburn was created in 1926 fund raising helped to enlarge the church to raise it to cathedral status.

An aluminium spire tops a lantern tower, with 56 panes of coloured glass. Outside the cathedral there is a magical sculpture by Mark Jallanden entitled ‘The Healing of the Nations’. It measures 35 by 26 feet, an abstract piece consisting of a steel and copper circle, containing thousands of interwoven fibre optics that create a constantly changing pattern of light at night.

In the cathedral the service was accompanied by a superb choir of boys and girls.

Next morning we joined M.U. members from all parts of England. The theme of the meeting was ‘Regulations not Rules’ with brilliant speakers, much literature, some good hymns and plenty of laughter.
It was a great pity we didn’t see much of Preston. However the seven of us enjoyed the trip and had a safe journey home.

Audrey Jones

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