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Posted on 18th October 2010 | in Opinion

If you have an event in Amble or surrounding area that you would like to publicise, or if you want to write a letter, an article, poem, or short story etc, your contributions are most welcome. You can either leave your message in the comments below, or send us a message  in “Submit to “Have Your Say””

If you have a photo you would like to send for our Photo Gallery or to accompany your contribution, you will need to email them to:

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20 thoughts on "How to contribute to The Ambler"

  1. R Hewitson says:

    It was a sombre affair, but I was proud to see all the serving and ex servicemen from Amble who have seen active service, show their respects to absent friends. All smartly dressed with medals awarded gleaming. We must never forget.

  2. Peter Cannon says:

    Was very proud to take part, Five members of The 15/19th The Kings Royal Hussars attended this year ,

    Six members of one Family on parade

    The largest turnout I have seen for a while.

    We Will Remember Them

  3. David Knox says:

    As a former Amble boy I very much enjoy reading the Ambler, our family has many fond memories of our days in Amble and the wonderful scenery and people of the area.
    David Knox
    South Australia

  4. Rachael Gray says:

    Hi there,

    My Name is rachael gray and i am currently a volunteer member of amble lifeboat crew.. i wrote this poem about 12 months ago and i have been advised to sent it into yourselvs. hope you like it….

    A midnight Shout

    As i settle down all snug in my bed,
    I close my eyes to rest my head,
    Slowly i drift into a land of dreams,
    A peaceful nights sleep, or so it seems.

    As i dream of sugar and spice,
    My little grey box comes to life,
    I open my eyes to the sound of the beep,
    Quickly i rise and jump to my feet.

    I hop on my bike and pedal like hell,
    And wonder what’s happened in the midnight swell,
    i get to the station with a lump in my throat,
    But I quickly get changed and jump on the boat.

    We look for a man, who fell from the pier,
    With our rapid response he has nothing to fear,
    Thankfully we spot him around by the bay,
    This man gets to live for another day.

    Back at the station i take off my kit,
    I think to myself ‘its a good job im fit,
    I pedal back home and climb into bed,
    I settle back down…but will i rest my head???

    Also i would like to get involved with the ambler i wrote for a local Kids paper when i lived in gateshead. i mainly wrote about stuff that was going on in the area at the time.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Many thanks
    Rachael Gray

  5. Kate White says:

    Can readers of ‘The Ambler’ throw any light on the following – engraved on a small wine glass owned by my father: ‘Success to Prospect Terrace, Amble 1895’. I’d be really interested to hear from anyone who knows what this is about. I know (or think I know) that the Amble Local Board became the Amble Urban District Council in 1895 … but is there a connection? Does anyone know when Prospect Terrace was demolished – or renamed? I know it existed just after the 1st World War but I have not been able to find out anything else. Thanks!

    1. Julia says:

      If memory serves me well, I’m sure the ‘very’ small terrace was on the site which is now the Co-Op car park at the top of Queen Street.

    2. Peter Cannon says:

      In 1926 there were six dwellings in Prospect Terrace ( flats??)
      in No 1 The Henshall family James, Fred, Isabella and Joseph?
      no 2 Annie & John Henderson.
      no 3 William Lillie,
      Annie Scott
      no4 Fred Thompson,
      no 5 Henry Taylor Scott
      no 6
      Isabella Arkle
      William Arkle
      Robert Wright,


      There was also A shop ,James Rowell Jnr ( he actually lived in Queen St)

      I remember 50s / 60s was it Carse n Goodger Solicitors had offices there?

      1. b. white says:


      2. Peter Cannon says:

        Found Reference to,
        The Amble Engineering Company as Blacksmiths Queen Street Amble
        in Alnwick 1927 Guardian Almanac,

        Could these have been where Bill boards where Hence Stables ?

        1. Peter Cannon says:

          Also same Almanac A reference to , Owen McManus Saddler Queen Street Possible same location !!

  6. Dear Ambler
    What a year for memorabila, my cousins came over from Sydney Australia, and we met for the first time in40 years ,and as the same week we had the privelige to see HRH Prince Charles in Amble, it is something to treasure,so, with great ideas in mind, I videoed the event, and showed my cousins our little town, as I spent most of my holidays in London with them as a child, it was relevant, they see Amble, and Warkworth as we are today.
    That week out came the old photos, I have quite a few,of what the kids call antiques, us in the 50’s etc, and we recalled the times then, and they agreed, Amble is getting it right somehow, thankfully for the better.
    I am proud to see that lots of us are keeping a historical record of Amble to keep for our future children, as, they tend to say to me,.’You know in the olden days?’ Too right, we have to see it through , I’m busy writing the memories of my chuildhood, and am putting onto paper, some times I remember,also, my cousins would like to say thank you for the memories.

    Pauline Maria T
    West court

  7. Brendan Egan says:

    Dear Ambler,
    Could I please make your readers aware of a local charity that has recently extended its area of operation to cover the Amble area.
    Revive Furniture Recycling is a small, Blyth based charity that accepts donations of good quality second hand furniture and sells them on very cheaply to people who are in receipt of benefits or in need of help.We cover the Amble area every fortnight. If you have a donation please give us a call on 01670 368665. If you are in receipt of benefits or in need of help please ring us on the same number or call into our showroom at Unit 16d Cowley Rd, Blyth Ind Est. Open Mon-Thurs 9-4.30.

    Many Thanks,
    Brendan Egan
    Operations Manager – Revive Enterprise
    Registered Charity No. 1090398.

  8. Phill Armstrong says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Congratulations to the 13 year old who exposed the idiots in the chip shop for what they are – IDIOTS. I lived in Amble and the surrounding area for 19 years until work took me to Yorkshire. My fathers side of the family were fishermen and my mothers side were miners. This incident has prompted me to write because when I return ‘home’ for a visit, I see beautiful villages such as Alnmouth and Warkworth then there is Amble which appears to have been forgotten about.

    The town is grey and unappealing but there was alwats a friendliness in the people.

    Sadly, that too appears to have gone.

    On my next visit to the town, I intend to visit that chip shop and tell them that their notoriety has reach Yorkshire and we are not impressed with their ignorance.

    I intend moving back to the area on retirement in a couple of years and you can guess where I will not be buying my Fish and Chips.

    I have to wonder if this sort of attitude could be the underlying reason why there are no jobs in the area. If I was an Amble employer, I would certainly not employ those clowns

    1. Patricia says:

      Some years ago, when the Quayside Chippie was Douglas’s Fish Market – and the aroma from the Kipper Smoking shed would wafted across the Harbour – the people were friendly.
      Which ? Holiday mag. describe Amble as: A dreary Victorian mining town dominated by a large caravan site. I wonder how they would describe the town today ? !

  9. Ros Nicholson says:

    Amble Photographic Group continues to meet on Friday mornings between 9am and 12 noon in the Trinity Methodist Church for a very friendly enjoyable and informative meeting.
    You don’t have to be an ‘Expert Photographer’ to be welcomed as a member of the Group. All you need is an interest in photography. We are here to help! We love to take photos. As a member of our group you have access to weekly meetings and newsletters, speakers, workshops, outings and much more. Everything is tailored to help you take better photographs.
    We embrace Digital and Print photography and run competitions in both.
    Our most recent print competition was on the theme “Cemetery” and was judged by Howard Wilson APAGB. Congratulations to Dave Jones who claimed first and second places with his amazing photos “Angel” and “Old Graves” In third place was David Burns with a beautiful local photo “East Cemetery Spire.”
    Both Susan Thompson and Richard Poyer were awarded Highly Commended for their entries, and Richard and Carol McKay were both Commended for their excellent work.
    Our monthly competitions are all judged by skilled photographers, and we have had numerous positive comments about the friendly atmosphere in the club and the high quality of the entries.
    This summer has seen us taking advantage of the lovely weather for our Summer Projects, enjoying group outings to Cullernose Point and Howick village, Craster, Dunstangbough, Embleton and Edlingham.
    Back in the club we enjoyed sharing our photographs and reliving the highlights of the day.
    Our weekly meetings are enjoyed for the friendship, support and sharing of ideas as well as the varied and interesting programme. We love our Field Trips, we love our local outings, any opportunity to take photographs and we are there!
    All abilities welcome – our friendly members are happy to share their knowledge. We’re serious about our photography, but we also believe we should enjoy our Friday mornings!
    Membership can help you learn, develop photography and printing skill competitions and exhibitions and s as well as help you enter make new friends.
    Why not join us for a free “taster” session, telephone 01665 710177 or just come along on a Friday morning and you will be guaranteed a warm welcome.

    Ros Nicholson (Membership Secretary}

  10. Alan Loftus says:

    Isnt it about time something was done to tidy up the footpath at the back of Robsons wayto make it useable all year round. In the winter and wet its very dirty and slippery,its a good short cut past the West Cemetary. its about time aswell that residents backing on to the path stopped using it a a dump for their garden waste,there are council collections for this waste instead of throwing it over the back fence, it is a public path after all, not a duping point for those householders too lazy to dispose of their waste correctly.

  11. steph mclaughlin says:

    I have the Amble guest house on leazes street and at the moment I have three gentlemen staying ,they are lifeboat men from Hastings aged mid seventies to early eighties.It is their second year here and they are visiting lifeboat stations in the area and lifeboats that they have sailed on.
    One of them actually sailed on our own coquet cruise,s boat when she was a lifeboat. They have visited Newbiggin (their boat is in the museum there that one of the guys sailed on ) South shields and seahouses.
    Davy Grey owner of the puffin cruise boa,t suggested getting in touch with you incase you wanted to do a little piece about them .
    The fact is the one who drives is the eldest so they may not be able to make it up here again.they are here until wednesday morning if its of any interest .
    kind regards

  12. Heather Cross says:

    Hello there, I lived in Amble from 1945 when I was born until 1955 . Then came down to Staffordshire where I am now. I was hoping to find anyone who

    remembers me or went to school at the same time as me. I went to the infant school which was situated between Church Street and Queen Street then

    Edwin Street school I think it was called at the top of Amble. I lived at 23 Church Street and remember Kathleen Davidson, Rosemary Buckley, Irene

    Ashton, Frances Atkinson, Kathleen Martin and more. So if anyone still lives in Amble and remembers me please get in touch. e.mail above or I am on

    facebook. Please make an Amble exile happy ! Heather Cross Bamburgh 11 Bracken Way Rugeley Staffordshire.

  13. Alfred Dodds says:

    Can anyone tell me if there will be a V.E. Day Parade in Amble on the 8th May 2016.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. theambler says:

      Hi Alfred, I have asked the Town Council, and they say they have no plans for a parade.

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