Leanne’s branches out

Posted on 21st October 2010 | in Business News

Update 28.10.2010: 
Leanne’s new store has now opened on Queen Street.
Members of staff reported that the opening day had been very busy with many people coming in to have a look around and to buy clothes and jewellery.
On Tuesday 18th November the shop will be open in the evening between 6-9pm for an opening night consisting of discounts, wine and cheese and a raffle with proceeds going to the Amble Lights fund.

Leanne’s fashion shop in Queen Street is expanding into a new retail unit. The building that used to be the Co-op’s textile department store has been bought and turned into two units.

Owner Karen Athey told The Ambler: “We’ve been in Amble for 26 years now. We sell ladies fashions, shoes and accessories, and we also have tanning machines. In the last few years we’ve just got busier and busier and have basically outgrown the building. When the new units came up I decided the time was right to expand.

We’ve decided to move all the fashion to the new unit, so we can offer a bigger selection of fashion and footwear and larger sizes too. We’ll also be stocking nightwear, basically there’ll be a lot more choice.”

The original store will become the focus for tanning, with more tanning machines. The new store is hoping to open at the end of October.

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3 thoughts on "Leanne’s branches out"

  1. garry shop fitter says:

    Hi karen,
    good luck with your new shop.Hope you are doing well.

    From all the lads of chisholms,shopfitters

  2. Stephen Aka Mav says:


  3. Stephen Aka Mav says:

    Cressie from Flixton says Hi…. and well done, hope all ok with you and your family, truly, and by the way i’m sorry too. 🙁 xxxx

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