Historic find

Posted on 12th August 2011 | in Heritage & Tourism

One of the documents from 35 Church St

Copies of documents dated 1842 to 1874 have been sent to the Ambler by the owner of 35 Church Street, Mrs. Mary Hickman, who lives in Jersey.

She had the house in Church Street renovated in 1996/7 and the builder found papers stuck to the walls of the chimney breast. She believes somebody will be interested so sent photocopies to us.

The documents appear to be connected to the export of coal, one of them sent from a Mr. Denham of Broomhill Colliery office to a Mr. Bowey, giving instructions dealing with coal and boats. (See pic).

Another is printed in German and looks like an order.

Mrs. Hickman wonders if they are of historical significance.

Contact her via us: editor[at]theambler[dot]co[dot]uk

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One thought on "Historic find"


    I was interested to read this article about the old documents in the fireplace at 35 Church street Amble, as I was born in that house 60 years ago,along with several of my seven siblings. I can remember when the old black cast Iron range was removed. I also remember my Mother talking about the hand writen log books of a Sailing Schooner being found in the attic when she was a girl, as she lived a lifetime in that house,and of the letters from the Captain to his wife while on his journey.I think they are in the posession of a cousin. I have fond memories of Church Street.

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