WRVS Voluntary Car Scheme

Posted on 18th October 2011 | in Community

Voluntary car schemes are an organised form of lift giving. Volunteer drivers use their own cars to provide door-to-door journeys for people who are unable to use either their own private transport or conventional public transport.
The scheme is designed to help tackle social exclusion for residents who have no other means of travel. Many people currently using the Getabout service are from vulnerable groups who would otherwise be seriously isolated. Journeys may be for any purpose, provided that there is no other transport option available when needed. For example: Medical appointments, visiting family and friends,  going to the hairdressers visiting local organisations and community groups, shopping and social outings.

This scheme is far more than a taxi service; our volunteers may also be able to help service users once they reach their destination by finding the correct hospital department, waiting with them for support or assisting with shopping. Clients can share a journey, thus reducing the cost. Carers can also travel with a client as long as this is stated at the time of booking a journey.

New service users need to register with Getabout and they are charged an annual subscription fee of £6.00. Every passenger is then charged 50p per mile for each journey.

The mileage is calculated from the volunteer driver’s home to the destination and the return home. Journeys are invoiced by WRVS. To find out more, or to book transport, ring Kathryn on 0845 266 8906  (local rate call). They are always looking for more volunteer drivers.

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2 thoughts on "WRVS Voluntary Car Scheme"

  1. Gillian Willcocks says:

    could you please help i need transport from keelby to grimsby thankyou

  2. sofia says:

    A voluntary car/good neighbors scheme provides a range of supportive services provided by members of a local community to people who live in their area this is one of the best solution for the society.

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