Letters: February – March 2012

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Tracking down Prospect Place

Having read the article in the recent Ambler set me thinking. I cannot recall any Prospect Terrace in Amble, I remember Prospect Place, which was at the top of Queen Street. Sample’s garage was there, also Carse & Goodgers Solicitors.

Prospect Place was first mentioned in the 1891 census. At No. 1 Darling, No. 2 Clark, No. 3 was Hogan plus widow Elizabeth Henshall and her son Isaac, aged 17 years. No. 4 Joseph Henshall, 35 years, and Isabella J, 32 Years, with Mary E, 5 years, John W 2 years, and Robert H, 5 months. Nos. 5 and 6 were families named Hewitt – don’t know if they were related.

The widow, Elizabeth Henshall (née Hetherington), was the wife of my maternal great-grandfather.
John at No. 4 was the son of Isaac Henshall (this is in my family history book). The son mentioned, Robert H, is, I believe Robert Hetherington Henshall who was killed in action 15th August 1917, and is buried at Adinkerke Military Cemetery, De Panne, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

In 1901, there were new families in residence. The only place now to check the street name would be with Amble Council.

When and if I learn any more, I will let you know.

Eric Simonsen
Cotswold Close, Uxbridge, Middlesex

Ed – We understand that Prospect Terrace was situated more or less where North View is now. We are told that remnants of it can be seen at the back of Barclay’s Bank.

Boost for Bosnia Trip

On the 23rd of December 2011, I was chilling in preparation for the count down to Christmas with a glass of my Mam’s home made ginger wine. I was totally unprepared for an unexpected phone call from Willie Gibson, electrical contractor from Amble. He urged me to quickly make tracks to the Wellwood where the Amble Builders party was well under way. Willie had kindly undertaken the task of collecting donations from his friends and colleagues to help the fundraising for my next trip to Bosnia. I was somewhat tearful at the generosity of local businessmen, especially when they had been collared unexpectedly by Willie! The collection amounted to a third of my target so I am incredibly thankful for their kindness.

A massive thank you to Willie, The Warkworth Decorators, Peter Sample of Sample’s Builders, Cooper’s Mechanics from Amble Industrial Estate, H. H. Henderson Roofing Contractor, Fender’s Plumbers and all other very thoughtful participants in the party revelry that day.

On my last trip, the Bosnian people were eager to find out how I managed to get over the seas to help them so, if anyone possesses Christmas photos of the Builders’ party and would like to send them to me, please ring 07943827439.

Finally, I’d like to offer another massive thank you to Gemma Priestly from Leeds who completed her 4km sponsored swim in a staggering 1hr 15 mins. Incredible!

Hazel Small
via email

Proposed Tesco supermarket

According to press reports, the future of the Amble development is open to some doubt. Obviously, since outline planning permission was given, Cheviot Foods has closed, the Lynemouth Aluminium Complex will be closed, and other factories in this area are in trouble, let alone the impact of wage cuts, pay freezes and the growing number of unemployed people. All these obviously create diminishing income among local people, affecting retail sales.  Also, Tesco have had some very bad trading figures over the Christmas period, forcing them to reconsider their UK trading situation.

My concern in all this is the derelict buildings on land on the Braid, south of the ‘Gut’ that Tesco have purchased from Northumberland Estates. The case to demolish these dangerous derelict buildings has already been strongly made, and I believe the Town Council is sympathetic to it.

Residents of North View were told by Northumberland Estates last June, that these buildings would be demolished, but, predictably, nothing was done, because it would involve spending money. Now the land is owned by Tesco but with construction of the supermarket on hold (probably indefinitely), I doubt they have any intention of demolishing these buildings which will continue to be a hazard and eyesore for local people, and a public relations disaster for Tesco.

John Bird
Mariners View, Amble

Fond memories of Josie and Owen

In previous articles, I have written of those friends and acquaintances that I remember with affection. However, I did miss out two of Amble’s staunchest residents, Josie and Owen. For many years they were “mine hosts” at the Sun Hotel in Warkworth where they established themselves and the hotel as a thriving and tremendously popular attraction.
 They later took over the Masons Arms in Warkworth and once again they transformed the pub into a highly popular tourist attraction not only because of their friendly welcome but also because the food on offer was simply second to none. To hear Owen’s voice announcing, “Amble cod on the menu”, became a classic event.

Josie and Owen’s success can be characterized in one word, “teamwork”, which is essential in any business. When they retired after many years’ hard work, one might have assumed that they would spend their lives in comparative comfort, but as I have written many times, life doesn’t always work out in the way that we want.  As events unfolded, Owen developed a problem in his toes which required surgery. This left him incapacitated for some considerable time. I do sincerely trust that this situation has improved to the point where both Josie and Owen can enjoy the rest of their retirement – no-one deserves that more!

Ray King
via email

Group says thank you to traders

Amble baby and toddler group would like to thank the Co-op Harbour, Co-op Queen Street, Fine Designs, Foresters, 42 Queen Street, Cedar Café, Jasper, Herons, Tesco, Peter’s butcher’s and Naomi, Judith and Shirley for their kind donations to our Christmas raffle. The money we raised goes towards our upkeep as our group gets no funding.

Thank you,
Kathleen Callaghan
Amble Baby and Toddler Group

Looking for fan-tastic people

I would be most grateful if you would help me with my research by publishing this letter. I am researching for a book on Britain’s specially enthusiastic and committed sports fans and would like to meet and interview anyone who is one of these super sports lovers.

For instance, I am interested in fans who watch, follow, collect or in other ways celebrate their passion for a particular sport, team or competitor. If you are one of these passionate fans, please contact me.  If you know someone who is a really keen fan please pass on this request to them. 

I would like to cover as many sports as possible including so-called minority sports.  All contacts will be treated in confidence and not released to anyone else.

I can be contacted at fanresearch1@gmail.com or by leaving a message on 0777 936 5181.

John Roberts
Via email

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      Keep watching and voting for the good guys Shannah.

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