Prospect Terrace 1895 – 1959

Posted on 03rd April 2012 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

Billy stands in the space where Prospect Terrace used to be.

Billy Wright of Leslie Drive has put the location of a missing piece of Amble’s past firmly in situ. Letters in recent editions of The Ambler asked for information on the location of Prospect Terrace and discussed who had lived nearby. Billy knows exactly where Prospect Terrace once stood, because he lived there.

“I was born in number six in 1924 and I lived there until 1954 when we moved to number one,” he told The Ambler. “There were six of us living in two rooms. We had a tin bath and an old range, but we did have our own washhouse.”
In Issue 73 we published a letter by Eric Simonsen who had discovered mention of residents of Prospect Place. Billy explained that the site of  Prospect Place is now completely covered by the building housing the Co-op on Queen St. Prospect Terrace was just next door and ran alongside the North Banks footpath to where the terrace of houses at North View are.

Billy has fond memories of living in Prospect Terrace and happily pointed out where various features had been. “We lived in number one until 1959, and then we had to move because the buildings were all condemned. North View was too, but that is still there. I wasn’t really sad to move – they moved us to the new houses at Leslie Drive – I’m still there!”

Billy drew a map showing where Prospect Terrace and Prospect Place once stood.

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9 thoughts on "Prospect Terrace 1895 – 1959"

  1. Ron Johnston says:

    I have followed with interest the letters in Te Ambler regarding Prospect Terrace and Prospect Place.

    I was an apprentice motor mechanic at W. Sample and Sons of Queen Street from 1966 and recall the offices of Carse and Goodyear and an adjoining house in Prospect Place.

    Samples had a garage and shop selling motor accessories and pedal cycles and spares as shown on the map. The firm had extended their premises to include car showrooms along Queen Street. This building stretched from the original garage, to the alleyway from Queen Street along the side of Barclays Bank to the unused land behind.

    I started at Samples after the Easter Holidays 1966 when a workshop extension built onto the rear of the showroom up to the boundary of North Bank Footpath had just opened.

    My childhood memories are of wooden buildings that I vaguely recall having been told were stables for horses and traps having been on the land identified on Mr Wright’s map as the wasteland behind the billboard.

    However I cannot recall the demolition that must have taken place prior to the building of Sample’s car showroom and workshop extensions.

    Can anyone shed light on my memories?

  2. Peter Cannon says:

    In 1950s I remember Grenfells Green grocers on corner where garage is marked, after Grenfells the site must have been cleared to make way for to revert back Samples Garage and showroom. vague memories of delivery vehicle been parked in behind bill boards, Parafin Springs to mind I was just a youngster, plus the old Greengrocer kept things there (his Vehicle!!) He also had the shop at caravans on dunes on third shore!, Correct me please, Im going off vague memories, Cannot remember old Green Grocer I think he also had shop where Bookies was ,Bridge Street !
    Dick Coulson!!

  3. Peter Cannon says:

    From a previous Correspondence
    of mine

    In 1926 there were six dwellings in Prospect Terrace ( flats??)
    in No 1 The Henshall family James, Fred, Isabella and Joseph?
    no 2 Annie & John Henderson.
    no 3 William Lillie,
    Annie Scott
    no4 Fred Thompson,
    no 5 Henry Taylor Scott
    no 6
    Isabella Arkle
    William Arkle
    Robert Wright,


    There was also A shop ,James Rowell Jnr ( he actually lived in Queen St)

  4. This map brings back memories. I have been trying to remember some of the old shops on Queen St. “Fenty Taylor’s”, as my granny used to call it, was one I had forgotten. My Dad worked in Carse’s offices in Prospect Place before they build the new office (now a private house) on Bede St.

  5. tom carr says:

    My grandparents lived at 14 prospect place I believe.The house was attached to Carse and Goodgers and had once been a pub!(or so Iwas told) My grandparents were Thomas and Mary Carr (nee Dodds) and my aunt Eleannr FLORENCE Clark lived with them .I think the house was vacated around 1965.

  6. Richard tait says:

    I used to live in prospect place with my family jean and Bill tait in fact I was born there in 1946.we lived next door to mary and Florence Clark. And I have memories of a good childhood there. I can remember playing on some stone stairs that led to nowhere

    1. Peter Cannon says:

      I remember a richard Tate, think we went to school together !

  7. Graham Sample says:

    My dad Joesph Sample was brought up in Amble in the 30s 40s and early 50s , he told us his father Andrew Sample was in partnership with his brother (think it was Walter) at Samples garage, but sold his share to his brother before moving away from the area. My grandad Andrew was one of nine brothers I believe who all lived in the Amble and Warkworth areas who all seemed to have different businesses

  8. thomas adam carr says:

    Those stone steps led up to my father’s one time bedroom window. I played on them many a time! There were coal houses and netties opposite.

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