Aquarius battles the storm

Posted on 05th April 2012 | in Community

Fishing boat Aquarius enters the Harbour. Photo by Adam Handyside

The snowstorm, which hit the North East coast at the beginning of April, caused concern for the safety of local fishermen as they headed for home amidst raging seas.

With the weather conditions deteriorating sooner that expected and the local fishing boat Aquarius making way back to Amble Harbour it was decided to launch the Amble All-weather life Boat The Four Boys.

The wind was blowing 50/60 mph with heavy rain and sleet. Photo by Adam Handyside






At the time of launch (1300hrs) the weather at the harbour mouth was very poor. The wind was blowing force 10 (50/60 mph) from the east north east with heavy rain and sleet. Visibility was poor.

The lifeboat was launched to supervise the return into the harbour of the Aquarius which had four persons on board.

The Lifeboat remained inside the harbour mouth whist the Aquarius made the approach to the harbour.  The Aquarius successfully accomplished the harbour entrance and returned safely to its berth.

The coxswain of the Lifeboat John Wingfield said, “Amble Harbour entrance can be very dangerous in such sea conditions and it was thought necessary that the lifeboat should be standing by in case of any unforeseen circumstances.”

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4 thoughts on "Aquarius battles the storm"

  1. alan says:

    wow! who took the photos?

  2. theambler says:

    They came from the RNLI

  3. Adam Handyside says:

    They were took by me a took them by the cliffhouse a gave them to john sim at RNLI don’t know how the RNLI got the credit it like but never mind

    1. theambler says:

      Hi Adam – I’m so sorry, we will amend the article and include a credit to you for the photos. Great photos by the way!

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