Search ends in sadness for Kip the blind dog

Posted on 22nd June 2012 | in Community , News

 Kip the blind Springer Spaniel

The body of a dog which has been missing for two weeks has been discovered on the beach at Low Hauxley.

Kip, a liver and white male Springer Spaniel was blind and had gone missing from Druridge Bay beach on June 6th.

His owner had mounted a huge search campaign, drafting in the resources of the organisation.

Sadly at 11pm on Friday 22nd owner Sylvia Linnett posted this message on the website:

I am sorry that I have to give you all bad news.

It would seem that Kip went for a lovely, long, last swim after his run and did not come back.
His body was washed ashore this afternoon at Low Hauxley and it is apparent that he has been in the sea the whole time.

Your efforts to find him have been marvellous and it is only because of that I have him back. I have met some wonderful new friends and hope to give them all a special mention, but tonight I must say a huge thank you to Tracy, who found him, and her husband Chris. They have taken such good care of Kip and me tonight.

Sleep Tight and God Bless my darling boy, I shall miss you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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7 thoughts on "Search ends in sadness for Kip the blind dog"

  1. Tony Young says:

    so so sorry to here your sad news, as a Dog lover / Pet lover we are so sad to here of your loss,
    we have been posting all of the links on our website “Entertainment, Future Events & Chat” on the “Forest Hall photos and videos site” on facebook for all the members to keep a look out for Kip, and I think we all fell in love with Kip after seeing the videos and pics of him running around. Big hugs to all of Kips` family and friends from the Forest Hall Folks
    RIP young Kip xxx

  2. chris knapp says:

    sorry to hear of the sad news of KIP.some fan club mate. people from all over northumberland out looking for him just goes to show the love people had for him. well KIP you show them up there mate.just how respected you were.R.I.P mate.

  3. heather thompson says:

    I am Really sorry for your sad loss and i do hope you take some comfort in the memories you have of your beautiful boy Kip <3 xxx

  4. gillian barclay says:

    Sorry to hear about kip my thorts are with you all x

  5. Jayne says:

    Soo sorry to hear the news have followed on facebook and twitter posting and retweeting, so it was not a happy ending but think it was very impressive how many people turned out to help god bless kip and run free at rainbow bridge xxxxx

  6. David taylor says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news as a dog lover and springer owner myself my heart goes out to you god bless you and your lovely dog taking to soon there a lovely dog in heaven looking down on you now and waiting to meet you again rip lovely kip xxx

  7. Joanne Newton says:

    Really saddened to hear the news about Kip today, I posted to over 5,000 followers on my twitter and was so praying for a good outcome.

    Rest in Peace Kip xxxx

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