Trust Life: Summer 2012

Posted on 20th August 2012 | in Community

Welcome back to life at the Trust and what a summer, or rather was that summer! But let’s concentrate on more positive things.

We had a fantastic Jubilee Celebration day in the town with the community and visitors turning out to support and enjoy the entertainment provided. There was a wonderful atmosphere both in the town square and at the Little Shore.

Everyone who worked to make it such a good day deserves big thank yous. One small point I would like to make is that when I was in one of our banks a very nice lady passed comment on the day saying how good it had been and wished ‘they’ would do it more often – but I wonder who everyone thinks ‘they’ are?

So just to make it clear, ‘they’ are a very small group of people who give up their time and yes that includes bank holidays, evenings and weekends to meet, organise and make these events happen. And most of them work fulltime, so when asked if you can spare a couple of hours to get involved please give it some thought. The more there are ‘doing these things’ then more will happen and it will take up less of each individual’s time. And you never know you may well enjoy it and find it is something you are good at.

The Young Citizens Awards were held in July – an event organised by Darin Fawcett, our community police support officer. Young students were nominated by their respective schools for displaying community spirit, doing good deeds and helping fellow students. Prizes are donated by local businesses with an extra special prize for the overall winner.  It is wonderful to hear the letters of recommendation read out and a fantastic opportunity to congratulate our amazing young people and spur then on to further good works. It can also be a tear jerker, as more than one grandparent found out!

We’ve run a couple of competitions in Pride of Northumbria. The first one was a paste egg competition for Easter and the second to name a newly created jam to celebrate the Jubilee. Our winners have each received rather nice prizes of a giant easter egg and a Spurreli ice cream voucher… so watch out for the next one, which is a jam recipe competition. Submissions will be judged by the “Mad Jam Woman” and the “not-quite-so Mad Jam Woman”, in August. The winning recipe will be made and sold in store, details will be displayed in the shop window.

Mary Portas Pilot – despite having another go, unfortunately we were not successful, but like the much used slogan we keep calm and carry on. We are currently working with NCC and local businesses to develop a plan for the Northumberland Foods factory site once demolished.

And finally: The prospect of hosting a royal visit came as a bit of a surprise. On answering the phone and being asked if we could compile an itinerary for a visiting royal, we didn’t think for one minute it would be anyone as important as Prince Charles. Thinking of places to interest someone when you haven’t been given any clue as to who they are is not that easy, but we managed.

Originally we were told this would not be a civic visit and therefore not really high profile, but that soon changed.After many meetings, emails and visits an itinerary was agreed and individuals identified to be introduced to HRH.

With the guest list left to the Trust to compile, we tried to include as many individuals, groups, organisations and volunteers who have aided regeneration as possible. We know there are many worthy groups and people out there, but places and time were limited, so apologies to those who may have been disappointed.

Having said that, as usual you came out on masse to support the town, the sun shone and everyone was in high spirits. Prince Charles took more time than was allocated, shaking hands and chatting to as many of you as he could and in return he sampled the hospitality of the friendliest port, and Amble got a little of the recognition it justly deserves. My thanks to you all for making it a special day.

Julia Aston,
Director, Amble Development Trust        

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