Police commissioner elections

Posted on 09th October 2012 | in Community

Elections will be held in November to choose police and crime commissioners who will replace police authorities.
PCCs, as they will be known, will be responsible for setting priorities for their police force, overseeing its budget and hiring the chief constable.

The elections will take place on Thursday 15 November 2012 with polling booths open from 7am until 10pm.
The political parties will be putting candidates forward and will be canvassing support at the appropriate time.
Anyone wishing to apply for a postal vote must do so by 5pm on 31 October by contacting the Northumberland County Council election office direct  on  01670 624811 or email:  elections@ northumberland.gov.uk

If you would like further information about the role of PCCs in Northumbria Police force, visit the Home Office website: www.homeoffice.gov.uk/pcc

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2 thoughts on "Police commissioner elections"

  1. Bearing in mind that the Poice Commissioner elections are being held next week, I find it amazing that no attempt has been made by those seeking election to give us voters ANY information regarding their experience and suitability for the job. The ONLY thing I have to go on are their names and political bias as detailed on the postal election forms.

    I would not employ a plumber to work in my house without checking up on their qualifications and suitability for the job yet we are asked to employ someone to protect the community in this important role with NO information at all. It should not be the job of the electorate to perform research on the candidates.

    I fear that the turn out for these elections will be VERY low and without information, I will not be voting.

    1. theambler says:

      Hello Paul
      I know that Vera Baird has been canvassing in the area – certainly she has spoken to the Rotary Club and to The Ambler. However because we have heard nothing from any other candidate, we didn’t feel it was right to print anything regarding her personal campaign. But you can read why she thinks it’s important to vote here: There is also a link to a list of all the other candidates.

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