slideshow of Amble’s Remembrance day

Posted on 13th November 2012 | in Amble Town Council , Clubs + Societies

All photos by Dan Tait

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3 thoughts on "slideshow of Amble’s Remembrance day"

  1. Peter Cannon says:

    Many Thanks Dan for photos, Unfortunately owing to Council Officials restricting my wifes normal photo shoot was very restricted and meant she could not have access to decent view to take pics of our association wreath laying for our Regimental Journal this year. You do not have a Copy of The Two Vets Dutch and myself laying our wreaths to use in Our Journal please
    any chance of a copy of the picture entitled Poppies.
    P-C 15/19th Hussars and Northern Ireland Veterans Association

    1. theambler says:

      Hi Peter
      Dan and I have had a look but we can’t find an image of you laying the wreath. Perhaps one of our readers can help?
      I will email you the poppies photo.

  2. Peter Cannon says:

    Many thanks for copy of poppies , at least have that for regimental Journal in doing so highlight Amble in many countries where association members are being that we are a local Cavalry Regiment ,. rather disappointed with council officials this year restricting photographers whom without ,there will be little reference of occasion for the future , if it was because of cable n health n safety why not plug into the sockets on the surrounding wall,
    in future an opportunity for town council to have some one take photos for local people to request very few photos of actual wreath laying. (Which will be at a cost to local taxpayer ) US !

    We Will Remember Them

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