Riding high at Hope House

Posted on 23rd April 2013 | in Business News , Community , Heritage & Tourism , Hope Farm Riding Stables , Young People’s Activities


r – l: Lyndsey with Chrissie Havis and Leo (registered name M. Y. Déjà vu). Chrissie Havis is one of the north’s leading British dressage riders and she holds regular clinics at Hope House Equestrian.

A new riding school opened last month at Hope House Farm on the Broomhill Road just outside Amble.

Last year Lyndsey Phillips (BHSII/T) took over the management of the equine establishment, which was then just a DIY livery yard. Her primary goal was to improve the standards of care of the horses and of the facilities available to owners. Since then, the school has grown from strength to strength and it has now been granted a licence to operate as a riding school.

“I used to be a professional rider,” said Lyndsey, “and I always loved Northumberland. I came to  live here about seven years ago and I immediately saw the potential here. There’s a great sense of community at the stables; it’s a new lease of life for me!”

Lyndsey and her team, headed by Daisy Whincup, Stable Manager, are very excited by this development. Lyndsey said: “It has been my abiding ambition to teach people to ride on well-schooled horses that are well-cared for and interested in life. It is my firm belief that the gentle and noble nature of horses brings a therapeutic dimension to all who have contact with them.

Hope-House-Taz-Daisy“Riding horses is not only great fun but it can add a sense of calmness and peace to the busy and stressed lifestyle that many people, both adults and children, find themselves leading today. It is my hope that Hope House Equestrian can become a focus for enjoyment and as such can enrich the community life of Amble.”

Lyndsey is particularly thrilled to have an indoor school. It means that no matter what the weather throws at us, your riding lesson can always go ahead. All ages are welcome.  Lyndsey always assesses new clients in the school before planning further lessons or riding out with them.

Hope House Farm is situated adjacent to some lovely hacking country, and beach rides are popular with riders at the centre, especially in the summer.

More info: 07786 264301/07881441199 www.hopehouseequestrian.co.uk.

Left: Daisy Whincup and Taz (registered name Tawzeea). Taz is an ex race horse who used to race in Dubai for a sheikh. Lyndsey found him in a dealer’s yard in Durham and she and Daisy are preparing him for his new life as an event horse.

Lindsay said: “Daisy and Taz went out to his first dressage competition recently and came 6th in both classes. We are all thrilled with him as this was his first outing since his racing days and he seems to be settling into his new job very well!”

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  1. I am sorry to say that there will be no more horse riding lesson at hope house farm any more so find a different place for your future lessons .

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