Review: The new Taj Mahal restaurant

Posted on 01st May 2013 | in Community , News

I  recently tried the food from the new Indian restaurant that has just opened in Amble. I found it highly satisfactory. The shop is located opposite the Co-op at the top end of Queen Street. The building has recently been renovated to a high standard.

I had a cream based  Chicken Korma with pilau rice and a plain nan bread, from the authentic and appetising take-away menu. The price is on a par with other eateries I have tried in the past.

The only downside is that they don’t make deliveries. I feel this should be sorted out, especially as a large number of elderly and disabled people live in the area. I also spoke to one of the locals who sat and had a meal there. She echoed my sentiments; feeling though that the food and general ambience are wonderful. She told me that it isn’t a large place and tables are limited, so better to book.

Michael Lowery

Editor: Michael is blind and has recently moved to Amble. He has written several articles on his impressions of the town.



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3 thoughts on "Review: The new Taj Mahal restaurant"

  1. I’m not keen on this restaurant because i thought it was an Indians, but the people working there are certainly not Indian. They are selling Halal meat in all of the meals on the menu. Halal meat is where the animal has its throat slit whilst still being alive and i don’t like the idea that the restaurant promoting the suffering of animals.

  2. David Eskdale says:

    If you’re so concerned about animals suffering then you should campaign against all animal consumption not just halal. The meat that is non halal, the animal had to be killed so isn’t that animal suffering? It’s funny how edl supporters like you bring forward stupid arguements while you tuck into your bacon sarnie.

  3. David Eskdale says:

    Carl didn’t you get nicked for some sort of robbery a while back!…-a0317402158

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