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Posted on 02nd May 2013 | in Community

Ray KingOn my first visit to Thailand 12 years ago, I was cashing traveller’s cheques in a Bangkok Bank and as I leaned forward to sign them I placed my wallet with my passport and cash next to my elbow on the counter. As I turned to retrieve the wallet, I realized that it had disappeared. I felt completely helpless. The bank was crowded, the tellers did not know what I was trying to say and the security camera was not working. At the local police station I was greeted with courtesy and smiles but no sign of any help. At the British Embassy I went through the process of obtaining another passport which cost about £100.

Despite that very aggravating experience I am still here, living with my son in Bangkok, and loving every moment. Life continues to present challenges but in the wider scheme of things it is life’s simple pleasures that keep me going. I often wonder just what it is about this amazing country that I have come to love.

I was disappointed to hear from The Ambler editor,  that because The Ambler has to tighten its financial belt, and the increasing cost of sending post to Thailand, I am unable to receive my regular postal copy. Can anyone offer a solution to this problem? I don’t have access to a computer and even if I did I am a complete “technophobe”.

As I watched the Newcastle United (or is that Newcastle French Foreign Legion?) game against Stoke City recently, I would rather watch paint drying. I switched over to Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur at half time and saw a game worth watching. Bring back the days of ‘Howay the lads’

My main hobby here is writing letters and articles for the major ex-patriot newspaper, The Bangkok Post. Last year I wrote a letter that gave a synopsis of my own opinions on the modern game of football. The following week someone replied to my letter with, shall I say, a less than courteous response.  The week after that someone else responded with the following letter.

‘One of the letters in last week’s Bangkok Post’s Sportbag described Ray King’s opinions as “absolute baloney” and implied that Ray’s views were only relevant to a bygone era. The lack of respect for those with greater experience of life is one of the reasons why I no longer wish to live in England. I don’t think Ray has ever implied that today’s football is not of the highest quality. He is simply bringing to our attention some of the other qualities that have been lost in today’s money-dominated Premiership. Ray’s opinions are shared by many fans half his age (including myself) and personally I think the views of a seasoned ex-professional now living in our fair city are far more enlightening than most of the others expressed in these pages’

Best wishes from a warm and sunny Bangkok. I do hope that the weather bucks up for you all soon.


Ray’s book ‘To the End of the Road’ is available from Pride of Northumbria,
Queen Street Amble, price £6.99

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3 thoughts on "Ray King: loving every moment"

  1. Gordon webster says:

    Good afternoon Raymond I was in the new indian restaurant in amble last night waiting for my take away . I started reading
    Your column in the ambler . I was surprised to find you have been living in Bangkok for the past years . My son Ben has been living and playing football in Bangkok for the past 3years , he was living in Sukhamvit soi11 until 6 weeks ago when he moved to a Prawet just outside Bangkok a suburb near the airport to be closer to the football teams training ground, interestingly we live in Warkworth and Ben attended Amble middle school , where he went on to Newcastle united academy for 11 years from the age of six and he went on to to be capped 6 times for England youths at u15 and u16 level while at Newcastle where he captained all age groups from u11’s to u18’s . If you want any more information so you can contact him e mail me on this email address and if you want more info on his career to date google Ben Webster footballer and you will get some including a you tube video of his career to date which includes Sweden,Finland and Belgium and his is still only 27 and it would be interesting if you both could meet up for a chat

    Gordon Webster

    1. Ray King says:

      Hello Gordon,

      Thank you for your kind note. It was very interesting. Your son is obviously very tuned in to sport and he will certainly get plenty of that in Bangkok. My days of being actively involved have long gone, although I do contribute to the Bangkok Post on a regular basis.

      Please convey my best wishes to your son and tell him to continue his sporting activities until the day arrives when, like me, all that is left are the memories. Nice to hear from you.

      Kindest regards,
      Ray King.

  2. Neil Kaufman says:

    Hello Ray

    Neil Kaufman here historian of Leyton Orient FC. Your son Gary kindly sent me your me your memories of your short time under Charlie Hewittt with the O’s andf of your return with Port Vale in the FA Cup.

    Trust you and Gary are both well in Thailand and that you had a good 89th birthday last 15th August.

    The Orient, who at the moment are sitting top of League One, they visit Port Vale on Tuesday 14 March 2014 and I thought it would be nice to do a story for their programme on you.

    As I have your memories of your short time with the Orient, would you be happy to supply your memories of your time with Newcastle and Port Vale for the article.

    How is your book writing going, I have just completed my 11th book, a quiz book on Leyton Orient in 2012 and busy with an update of my 2000, a profile book on all Orient players.

    With best wishes

    Neil Kaufman
    based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
    email: home: neilkaufman@tiscali.co.za
    WORK: neil@succeed.co.za

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