Edwin Street’s Amble book

Posted on 10th October 2013 | in Amble Links First School , Heritage & Tourism

Year Three pupils at Amble First School, Edwin Street, organised a coffee morning at the school to launch a local study project.

Working in conjunction with Bailiffgate Museum, the whole school will be involved in writing and publishing a book about Amble, which will be aimed at children and will explore all aspects of our history, geography and culture.

Members of the community who loaned resources and photographs and shared their memories were warmly thanked.

The book is due to be published in the summer of 2014 and will be on sale to the public.

Ex pupil Mabel Durham who will be giving schoolday anecdotes to the Museum pointed out how important the school has been to generations of her family. “My two brothers and I went to this school, my three sons went and now my three grandchildren are there.”

Melanie-Henderson-and-Daugh Mabel-Durham-and-Isla-her-G
Watched closely by her daughter,
Melanie Henderson checks for her
name in the past register
Mabel Durham and her
granddaughter Isla




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One thought on "Edwin Street’s Amble book"

  1. Great initiative. I look forward to buying the book when it is published. Will be interesting to hear Mabel´s anecdotes, having lived next door to her relatives in Central Avenue and remembering her boys from school.

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