Akita dogs must be kept under control says MP

Posted on 15th October 2013 | in Community , Heritage & Tourism

Sir Alan urges residents to contact police over Akita court order breaches

Sir Alan Beith MP is urging people in Amble to contact the police if there are problems with Akita dogs in the town.

There is a court order in place which stipulates that two particular Akita dogs must not be unaccompanied in public, must be muzzled, must be leashed and must be wearing visible collars with identity tags.

Sir Alan said:

“I am aware of the presence of the Akita dogs in Amble and a number of people in the town have let me know of their concerns.

“I can understand why residents are concerned. These dogs must be kept under strict control in public and there is a court order in place covering those in Amble.

“I would urge residents to contact the non-emergency number 101 and report any breaches of the court order as a priority. All calls to 101 are treated in confidence.”

Recognising an Akita

fawn akita grey akita
Above: Akita (brown) Akita (American)
Husky Malamute copy
… not to be confused with a Husky … or a Malamute


This article was amended on October 17th. The original article may have given the impression that all Akita dogs in Amble are subject to a court order. This is not true; The Ambler understands the court order was issued to one owner of two Akita dogs.

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5 thoughts on "Akita dogs must be kept under control says MP"

  1. Maria HD says:

    I have shared the link which unfortunately pictures the malamute rather than an akita. It would be good if you could change it so that the akita is pictured when shared on Facebook. Thanks.

    1. theambler says:

      Hi Maria – unfortunately the workings of Facebook are out of our control. When I share articles from our website to Facebook it allows me to choose which image to feature. Presumably that option was not offered to you when you shared it?

      1. Maria HD says:

        The photo on the one I shared already had the wrong piccie on it (the blackish/grey and white one). There was no option given – it just gave the same one. x

  2. Maria HD says:

    I’m talking rubbish!! Just taken another look and spotted I could have changed it. You learn something new every day!! x

    1. theambler says:

      Ha ha – well I’m glad you found out what to do. But I have actually been looking into your suggestion as it isn’t really fair to expect people to search through for the correct image. So thanks for flagging it up.

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