Warkworth Community Cinema listings: March – June 2014

Posted on 25th February 2014 | in Warkworth Community Cinema

1 March 14            Double Bill

An Inspector Calls (1954)  Guy Hamilton. A. 80 min.  English. Crime /Drama. Starring Alistair Sim, Arthur Young and Jane Wenham. Based on the famous stage play by J.B.Priestley, an upper crust family dinner is interrupted by a police inspector who tells them that a girl, known to them all, has died in mysterious circumstances……..

Whisky Galore (1949)  Alexander Mackendrick. A.  82 min. English. Comedy/Crime. Starring Basil Rathbone and Joan Greenwood.  Scottish islanders try to plunder 50,000 cases of whisky from a stranded ship. Och Aye!

5 April 14

Le Weekend (2013)  Roger Michell. 15.  93min.  English. Drama. Starring Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan

Broadbent and Lindsay star in a fearlessly truthful tale of a crumbling marriage. Approaching retirement age, they find themselves bogged down in a relationship of mutual irritation, disappointments and inadequacies. Can this marriage be revived in the visual romance of Paris or has it come to die?  This is the elephant on every SAGA holiday and world cruise!

3 May 14

Not One Less (1999)  Yimon Zhang. U. 106 Min. Chinese. English sub-titles. Drama. Starring Minzhi Wei, Huile Zhang and Zhenda Tian.

Only a 13 year old girl can be found to temporarily replace the teacher at a poor village school in a remote  area. She is given one stick of chalk for every day and offered an extra 10 yuan if there is not one less student when the teacher returns. Within days, the class troublemaker absconds to the city. The film traces her efforts to bring him back. It shows the economic gap in China between urban and rural populations and the prevalence of bureaucracy and authority figures in everyday life while being sympathetic to community action.

7 June 14

 Sarah’s Key (2010)  Gilles-Paquet-Brenner. 12.111 Min. French and English sub-titles. Drama/War. Starring Kirsten Scott Thomas, Melusine Mayance and Niels Arestrup.

A journalist uncovers a secret while researching the round-up of Jews in Paris in 1942. The terrible events are shown in flashback – with one story of a young Jewish girl, Sarah, locking her small brother in a cupboard for safety and keeping the key with her at all times – a story which turns out to involve the journalist herself. Rattles along with Scott Thomas providing the weight.

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