Vintage shop delights customers

Posted on 13th June 2014 | in Business News , Heritage & Tourism


Tony outside Daisy the caravan

“I’m a bit of a magpie” admits Tony Noble as we chat amongst the late morning tea-and-scone throng. “I like collecting unusual things. And I always wanted to have my own little business, especially with a café. Amble has been really supportive so far, we have loads of regulars already.”

With an eye for unique and interesting pieces, Tony has recently opened Circa, an eclectic mix of antique and vintage furniture and collectables. The business is situated at Mark’s Bridge, next to the petrol station. Which makes for lots of parking and is right on the Coastal Route.

“I wanted a vintage atmosphere and we’ve achieved that as far as we can. The café has nice white tablecloths and vintage china. People love that. In terms of what’s on sale, I’m combining periods and style to maximise what people will buy.”


Daisy can be reserved for afternoon tea

Looking around the shop which includes space for local artists and crafters, there are many items which catch my attention. And when Tony shows me Daisy and Annie, the two adorable vintage caravans in the courtyard, I can’t hide a squeal of delight as I spot a giant orange flowery wallpaper pattern, which immediately transports me back to my childhood.

“There are loads of screeches – people saying ‘Oh, I remember that!’ or ‘My Mum used to have that!’” laughs Tony. “The caravans can be reserved for afternoon tea -for fun, or a special occasion.”

You can find out more about Circa (and how to book the caravans) on their website:



Circa’s vintage furniture often provokes a delighted response from shoppers


Anna Williams


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  1. valerie says:

    My friend came to your shop over the weekend and bought some lovely string lights with little lampshades on can I purchase these on line and how much are they please

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