Hauxley Parish Council: Nov/Dec 2014

Posted on 22nd December 2014 | in Hauxley Parish Council

Hauxley Village Hall

Hauxley Village Hall

Remembrance Service:
Rita Callender, Chair of the Council, attended the Service of Remembrance in Amble on Sunday 9 November. She laid a poppy wreath on the Radcliffe Memorial on behalf of the people in the Hauxley Parish.

Budget 2015/16: The budget for the precept is planned to be considered at the January meeting of the council for submission to NCC before the deadline of 2 February.

Local Transport Plan Programme 2015-16:
NCC Officer Richard Mackenzie informed that the reduction of the speed limit, from Hauxley Links car park past the entrance to Low Hauxley, from 60mph to 30mph, and removing the 30mph sign from the bend at High Hauxley to near the entrance of the caravan park, cannot be implemented as there is no frontage development to justify a 30mph speed limit.

Reducing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph at Kirkwell Cottages and Low Hauxley can be considered. The Clerk will ask for the 30mph signs to be moved nearer the farm cottages on the caravan park entrance bend.

Street lighting replacement:
The Hauxley Area is in year three of the project for replacements, beginning Jan.2015. It was agreed that the clerk request earlier consideration for the Hauxley area.

Hauxley Lane: The faded road markings were due to be refreshed by NCC, commencing 17 November. The resurfacing of Hauxley Lane will go onto a capital maintenance scheme programme, to be resurfaced during 2015-16.

Co-opted vacancies:
There are six seats on the parish council. Two are presently vacant. You can apply to be co-opted onto the council, if you are on the Electors Register and live in or within three miles of the parish or your only place of work is within the parish. Write to the clerk (contact details below). The deadline for applications is Sunday 4 January 2015.

Next Meeting:
6.30pm on Monday 12 January 2015 in the Village Hall, Low Hauxley. The public are welcome to attend.