New initiative will sell Amble fish directly from the harbour

Posted on 04th March 2015 | in Business News , News


Amble Harbour Village. The Seafood Centre is the large building on the right

Alongside the new Harbour Village, wanderers along the quayside will doubtless have noticed the construction of the curvaceous new Seafood Centre. This will be home to the Northumberland Seafood Initiative, the first ever centre of its kind in the North East.

Helen Spark and Andrew Gooding have been appointed to job share the Seafood Broker role. “We will be selling fish and developing new markets within the region,” said Andrew.

“We’ll be selling directly to customers and through shops and restaurants,” said Helen. “And we’ll be setting up a fish club, there will be fish auctions and people can buy fish directly from the Seafood Centre.”


The Northumberland Seafood Initiative will sell fish caught by Amble fishing boats

The aim of the Northumberland Seafood Initiative is to put more local fish on local plates. By supplying both wholesale, retail and consumers directly with locally caught fish, the intention is to take some of the strain off overfished stocks, introduce consumers to new types of delicious seafood and help support Amble’s inshore fishing fleet.

“As a nation, us Brits are a pretty unadventurous bunch when it comes to seafood,” said Helen. She explained that over 75% of all the seafood we eat comes from the big five: salmon, cod, haddock, tuna and prawns.

“We don’t catch enough of these in the UK, so we end up importing the majority of it,” said Andrew. “This massive demand puts a lot of pressure on a handful of fish stocks. If we want to help solve the problem, we need to diversify what we eat.”

The UK’s inshore fishermen catch a huge variety of quality, fresh, local fish, using low impact methods. But most of their catch is shipped straight to the continent. New European legislation is also putting increased pressure on fishermen to land 100% of their catch with no allowance for any discards.

Andrew and Helen have put together a short survey to gather information on people’s needs, preferences, opinions and behaviour when it comes to buying and eating local seafood. You can collect a hard copy version from Fourways2, or access it online via:

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7 thoughts on "New initiative will sell Amble fish directly from the harbour"

  1. Frank Brown says:

    At long last we can buy fresh fish from Amble. Currently to ensure I get the best variety and quality of the products, I have to travel to North Shields Fish Quay a 50 mile round trip.

    To give you some idea what I purchase currently from North Shields Quay, Skate, Haddock, Prawns, Lobster, Lemon Sole, Scallops, Salmon (Fresh) and Hot Smoked. Kippers, Turbot, Scampi and Cod.

  2. Helen Spark says:

    Hi Frank

    I’m really pleased you’re looking forward to the seafood centre opening, we’re hoping to launch by May. We’re waiting for the building to be completed before we move in and we’ve just started work on the new website. We’ve got lots of exciting plans developing. If you could let me have a note of your email address we’ll keep you up to speed with progress and add you to our newsletter list. My email address is . In the meantime perhaps you’d like to fill in questionnaire which can be found here:

    Many thanks Frank and look forward to being in touch soon!


  3. kevin blake says:

    Hi Helen and Andrew,
    It would be amazing if your business works out well, I wish you all the best, it is something I have always wanted to do myself but finances have prevented me doing this, the thought of supplying local folk with locally caught fish and seafood can only be a big plus for everyone concerned..If you need a hand in any aspect of the Business I am able to work voluntary with may be just my travelling expenses to be considered as I live in wideopen but that could be payable by a bit Fish or Seafood. Good Luck to all involved.

  4. Lillian Barnett says:

    Please advise me with times and dates of next fish auction in Amble and opening hours of fish market . Thanks LB

    1. theambler says:

      Hi Lilian There will be a second Northumberland Seafood Event with guest artisan food producers in the Seafood Centre in Amble on Friday 3rd July between 2pm and 6pm, and on Saturday 4th July between 10am and 4pm. You might also be interested in this article:

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