Who will get your vote on May 7th?

Posted on 27th April 2015 | in Community , News

polling-stationYes, we are all aware that a general election is approaching. We’ve been bombarded with leaflets and letters for weeks now.

Perhaps you just shove them in the bin, or maybe read them carefully and attentively, then say they all sound the same.

The trick is to pick out the facts. Is the candidate telling you what they believe in or what they would like to do?

Generally, this is the best way to judge whether you want them to make decisions on your behalf, which is what the elected candidate will be doing.

So it is your responsibility to vote. ‘They’re all the same’, is usually the excuse for not voting. If they were all the same, they’d be saying the same things rather than arguing.

Can we complain about what our MP is doing, or not doing, if we didn’t take the chance to listen to the candidates and choose the one whose ideas seemed to be closest to our own?

Some people seem to think that not voting gives them some sort of superior position. In our opinion, not really – it just suggests that they can’t be bothered.

Just remember that somebody will be elected. Are you going to leave it to others to decide who it will be?

Anne-Marie-with-James-Aston JuliePorksen-and-IanLewis
Conservative candidate Anne-Marie Trevelyan met residents of Dolphin View care home. She is pictured here with James Aston.
LibDem candidate Julie Pörksen, with Ian Lewis, owner of new biomass company GP Power, opening soon on Amble Industrial Estate.
Richard-Wardman-and-Nigel-Coghill-Marshall2 Scott-Dickinson-and-Mark-Burdon
UKIP candidate Nigel Coghill-Marshall (r) met business owners at Amble Harbour Village. He is pictured here with Richard Wardman, co-owner of Blue Pod and 42 Queen St
Labour Party candidate Scott Dickinson (l) with Mark Burdon, co-owner of Cromie’s Pharmacy
Rachael-Roberts-with-Johanna-Rackham Neil-Humphrey
Green Party candidate Rachael Roberts (r) talked with local fishermen.
Here she is with Johanna Rackham, Amble business-woman and teacher.
English Democrats candidate Neil Humphrey

Our candidates are:
Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Con)
Julie Pörksen (LibDem)
Nigel Coghill-Marshall (UKIP)
Scott Dickinson (Lab)
Rachael Roberts (Green)
Neil Humphrey (English Democrats)

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2 thoughts on "Who will get your vote on May 7th?"

  1. Ivor says:

    Why did you not put Johanna Rackham as being a Amble business-woman and teacher like you have mentioned the occupations of the other people with the candidates?

    1. theambler says:

      Sorry Ivor and Johanna, you’re right. I’ve changed the online caption. Anna

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