Old school photos

Posted on 01st October 2015 | in Photos

School photo - credit Jamie Flanighan
 Above: School photo
Edwin Street School 1948-49- credit Lyn Dunning
 Above: Edwin Street School 1948-49
School photo2- credit Claire Shiels
 Above: Amble County First School 1979
Modern School1- credit Peter Cannon
 Above: Modern School
School play - Colin Wood
 Above: School play
Performers- credit Lynda Cracket
 Above: Performers
 Modern school 1960- credit June Stanley
 Above: Modern School 1960

Amble Links First School 1982- credit Marie Stuart
 Above: Amble Links First School 1982
Bruce Stott School photo about 1960- credit Carol Stott
 Above: Bruce Stott school photo – about 1960
Catholic School football team 1949-50- credit Jane Doleman
 Above: Catholic School Football Team 1949-50
Modern School 1954- credit Barry Robertson
 Above: Modern School 1954
Modern School 1957-58- credit Barbara Wade
 Above: Modern School 1957-58
Amble First school photo- credit Rachel Cook
 Above: Amble First School
Amble Modern School 2- credit Peter Cannon
 Above: Amble Modern School
Amble Modern School 1961- credit Sheila Crawley
 Above: Amble Modern School 1961
Amble Modern School Feb 1970- credit Arty Hume
 Above: Amble Modern School Feb 1970
Amble RC School early 50s- credit Barbara Wade
 Above: Amble RC School 1950s
Dovecote Street 1949- credit Dorothy Melvin
 Above: Dovecote St School 1949
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6 thoughts on "Old school photos"

  1. Doug Martin says:

    I’am at the left hand side of Bruce Stott 1960 Amble Modern School.Old mates years ago.

    1. Peter Cannon says:

      Doug been many a year. try out https://www.facebook.com/groups/236599456501286/?fref=nf
      (Amble in Old Photos FB page , lots from our era on it! n Lots of Pics !

  2. James Robson says:

    Happy Memories,

    I think the year is either 1984/85.

    I remember our teacher located to the right of the photo Mr Rennison, was obsessed with anything to do with the Romans! I do think we learned more about the Romans than anything else! Ha!

    From looking at the faces I think I remember most of the names(At that time); please forgive me if I get the spellings wrong.

    Back row L to R.

    Rachael Edmundson, Nathan Stone, Paul Matthews, Matthew Jackson, Philip Robinson, Rory Lewis, Sarah Bell, Lindsey Moore.

    Middle row L to R.

    Scott Lawson, Lee Hogarth, Rodney Bell, Jamie Turnbull, James Robson, Alex Wood, Adam Story, Gary Allan.

    Front Row L to R.,

    Fiona Mclean, Gail Thompson, Lindsey Stewart, (Can’t remember), Clare Lambert, Sarah Hindmarsh, Wendy Thomson, Julie Hall, Sharon Wilson, Anthony Mullen, Barry Jobling.

    1. Paul Matthews says:

      Can’t believe you remembered my name. Just found this picture. Just back to Amble for a few days. Living in a Germany now.


      1. James Robson says:

        Hi Paul,

        Good to hear you’re well!

        I now reside in Portsmouth, UK. Currently serving in the Royal Navy and have been for nearly 22 years now. The last I heard of your exploits was that you moved to Australia after being at Amble Middle School for only a short time.

        Best regards!

  3. Islwyn Pring says:

    I remember the photo of us at Amble County Secondary School with Mr.Abrahart. We were in form 3 so we would be 14 years old at the time.
    I left school the following year and moved to Wolverhampton where I started my apprenticeship with Chubb and Sons Lock and Safe company as an engineering apprentice.

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