Old school photos

Posted on 01st October 2015 | in Photos

School photo - credit Jamie Flanighan
 Above: School photo
Edwin Street School 1948-49- credit Lyn Dunning
 Above: Edwin Street School 1948-49
School photo2- credit Claire Shiels
 Above: Amble County First School 1979
Modern School1- credit Peter Cannon
 Above: Modern School
School play - Colin Wood
 Above: School play
Performers- credit Lynda Cracket
 Above: Performers
 Modern school 1960- credit June Stanley
 Above: Modern School 1960

Amble Links First School 1982- credit Marie Stuart
 Above: Amble Links First School 1982
Bruce Stott School photo about 1960- credit Carol Stott
 Above: Bruce Stott school photo – about 1960
Catholic School football team 1949-50- credit Jane Doleman
 Above: Catholic School Football Team 1949-50
Modern School 1954- credit Barry Robertson
 Above: Modern School 1954
Modern School 1957-58- credit Barbara Wade
 Above: Modern School 1957-58
Amble First school photo- credit Rachel Cook
 Above: Amble First School
Amble Modern School 2- credit Peter Cannon
 Above: Amble Modern School
Amble Modern School 1961- credit Sheila Crawley
 Above: Amble Modern School 1961
Amble Modern School Feb 1970- credit Arty Hume
 Above: Amble Modern School Feb 1970
Amble RC School early 50s- credit Barbara Wade
 Above: Amble RC School 1950s
Dovecote Street 1949- credit Dorothy Melvin
 Above: Dovecote St School 1949
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10 thoughts on "Old school photos"

  1. Doug Martin says:

    I’am at the left hand side of Bruce Stott 1960 Amble Modern School.Old mates years ago.

    1. Peter Cannon says:

      Doug been many a year. try out https://www.facebook.com/groups/236599456501286/?fref=nf
      (Amble in Old Photos FB page , lots from our era on it! n Lots of Pics !

  2. James Robson says:

    Happy Memories,

    I think the year is either 1984/85.

    I remember our teacher located to the right of the photo Mr Rennison, was obsessed with anything to do with the Romans! I do think we learned more about the Romans than anything else! Ha!

    From looking at the faces I think I remember most of the names(At that time); please forgive me if I get the spellings wrong.

    Back row L to R.

    Rachael Edmundson, Nathan Stone, Paul Matthews, Matthew Jackson, Philip Robinson, Rory Lewis, Sarah Bell, Lindsey Moore.

    Middle row L to R.

    Scott Lawson, Lee Hogarth, Rodney Bell, Jamie Turnbull, James Robson, Alex Wood, Adam Story, Gary Allan.

    Front Row L to R.,

    Fiona Mclean, Gail Thompson, Lindsey Stewart, (Can’t remember), Clare Lambert, Sarah Hindmarsh, Wendy Thomson, Julie Hall, Sharon Wilson, Anthony Mullen, Barry Jobling.

    1. Paul Matthews says:

      Can’t believe you remembered my name. Just found this picture. Just back to Amble for a few days. Living in a Germany now.


      1. James Robson says:

        Hi Paul,

        Good to hear you’re well!

        I now reside in Portsmouth, UK. Currently serving in the Royal Navy and have been for nearly 22 years now. The last I heard of your exploits was that you moved to Australia after being at Amble Middle School for only a short time.

        Best regards!

  3. Islwyn Pring says:

    I remember the photo of us at Amble County Secondary School with Mr.Abrahart. We were in form 3 so we would be 14 years old at the time.
    I left school the following year and moved to Wolverhampton where I started my apprenticeship with Chubb and Sons Lock and Safe company as an engineering apprentice.

  4. Unbelievable – Amble County First School 1979 … thats me second row from the top , third from the right next to Melanie White and Alan on the end ( I think ). Loved my school days so much – the best memories. Would be lovely to hear from anyone – I’ve lost touch.

  5. John Stewart says:

    Re the Edwin St School photo c. 1949.
    I was amazed to see that old relic on the Ambler site. I am in that photo, at the extreme left of the group, in the leather jacket.

    Now aged 83 and have been living in Western Australian since end of 1950.

    John Stewart
    formerly of Gordon St, Amble

  6. Kevin Murphy says:

    Dorset anyone know Lindsey tindar from amble I’m trying to reconnect with her as I knew her when working down there in 2003-2004.if anyone knows her & sees this msg please please can you tell her Kevin from Scotland that stayed in the Warkworth place she worked is tryna contact her would be appreciated very much if somecan let her know Kevin from her past is tryna find her wee Soul🙏🤘

  7. Dzl says:

    Nay way! Seeing my childhood mate Mullen (and recognising a few of his mates names too) in the mid 80s and a pic of Mr Rennison too. Top respect to him even if I was a disruptive little sod, I was gutted hearing he passed away at the young age he was. I still pass through now and then and will always have fond memories of Amble. Now if I could just place coquet island off the beach in El Arenal the view from mine would be complete😂

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