Age of Insecurity: questioning the motives of others

Posted on 14th October 2015 | in Community , Harry McQuillen: Age of insecurity

Harry McQuillen

Harry McQuillen

A recent meeting with an enthusiastic young lady on Queen Street made me think of trust.

She presented me with a leaflet on TTIP(Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Her fear was that, if we allowed American corporations into parts of our economy that we hold dear, they would go to law, in the usual U.S. fashion. The essence of litigation is lack of trust.

Most of us were brought up to rely on the integrity of other people and institutions. Unfortunately, our trust has been eroded over the years, so that we question the actions and motives of others in our selfish society; bankers, corporations, public servants and others are subjected to verbal(and sometimes physical) abuse. It appears that ‘Freedom Of Information’ has led to increasing suspicion of the things that other people do.
Instant media exposure short circuits the more careful gathering and analysis of earlier times. That good old Latin expression “bona fides” (good faith) may be the way forward. Whether locally, nationally, or internationally, we need to think before we judge!

Everybody has difficult decisions to make, but they need time to make them. What cheers me up no end is the creative energy I see every day.

Recently I went to Seaton Sluice, to a great little hut where Tom Newstead of Shanti Art displays his work. I won’t try to describe it to you; go and see it for yourself.

Locally I love the work of Libby Watkins; her cards and pictures make me wonder why I can’t draw.
Libby isn’t alone; look at the other artists, photographers, and craftspeople who display their work in our area. Let’s all open our eyes and our minds and think positive!

In Amble there’s always a good turnout for an event or a parade. Most of us talk to one another.
Perhaps we could encourage one another (old and young) to take part in local events and to help where we can.

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