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Posted on 12th May 2016 | in Northumberland County Council

Cause for celebration
Celebrations to mark the official opening of the Harbour Village, the new Shorebase and Paddlers Park are a chance to reflect on what can be achieved by good partnership working. Amble Town Council and Northumberland County Council made substantial contributions as did the Development Trust; but community groups made a real difference too. As a child I played down at the Padders and hope that the developments will bring just as much pleasure to future generations. I was a founder member of the Shorebase Trust over 25 years ago and the new base is way beyond what we could have imagined then. Each of these developments helps to make Amble a better place to live and more attractive to tourists who are such an important part of our local economy. They have happened because we have proved that we can come together to make a difference for the town.

Traffic and parking issues
Issues about traffic and parking are a problem right across my patch but problems are acute in busier areas. Work continues with regular meetings between local Councillors and officers. I know the pace of change is frustrating but if the solutions were easy they would have happened by now. The inconsiderate behaviour of a minority of drivers doesn’t help. Amble is a victim of its own success, we have many more visitors, the population is expanding and there are far more cars on the road. Careless parking or driving can have a huge impact on traffic flow and cars have been damaged. Improvements are needed, but each of us has a responsibility.
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