Amble WI’s braskets adorn Town Square

Posted on 13th July 2016 | in Amble WI

l-r: Val Robinson, Christine Butler, Amble WI Vice President below: Karen Waugh, Amble WI President

Pictured with the  braskets in the amphitheatre: l-r: Val Robinson, Christine Butler, Amble WI Vice President. Below: Karen Waugh, Amble WI President

Amble WI members have taken part in an uplifting competition to turn old bras into floral hanging baskets. The ‘braskets’ were part of two national WI campaigns, to promote sustainable gardening, and Save the Bees.

President of Amble WI Karen Waugh told The Ambler “We were awed with the results, the time, patience and ingenuity of the planting and varieties just blew us away.”

Nineteen braskets were created, and Amble Mayor Jane Dargue judged the competition. The winning entry was made by Anne Mossman. In second place was Sarah Littlefear, and Lynn Raine came third. The winners received M&S, Debenhams and Next gift cards, all donated by Amble WI members.

The Amble group also decided to use the competition to promote another worthwhile cause. “We also linked our ‘braskets’ to raise breast awareness, as a lot of ladies in our own area have suffered or lost a loved one to this terrible cancer,” said Karen.

Anne Mossman's winning brasket

Anne Mossman’s winning brasket

“There is one brasket in particular that drew my attention, it was made by Romy Lazari and it is only a one cup bra, it is filled with pebbles, cacti and succulents and epitomizes breast cancer in a way none of the others did.”

Some of the braskets can be seen in the amphitheatre in the Town Square. Anne Mossman’s winning brasket will go through to be judged nationally.

Karen said  ”We’ve just had fabulous fun doing it and the amphitheatre looks fab.”








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