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Posted on 21st April 2017 | in Northumberland County Council

UPDATE 5 MAY: Terry Clark and Jeff Watson are the winners. The fun poll is now closed.

On 4 May we are having an election to choose new councillors for Northumberland County Council. Amble has two electoral wards; Amble (which includes Hauxley and Togston) and Amble West with Warkworth. Below are the candidates and their comments. PLUS we have a ‘just for fun’ poll at the bottom, if you want to take part!

AMBLE (with Hauxley and Togston)

I taught primary school children in Hertfordshire before moving to Northumberland in 2007. My wife’s family are Tynesiders and we now have grandchildren locally as well as two in London. We often reflect on the very different environments in which our grandchildren are growing up. I very much enjoy walking and learning about the wildlife around us here. Not surprisingly I am greatly concerned about the possible opencast mine at Druridge Bay and the rapid amount of building taking place in rural Northumberland.

We need urgently to get a new core strategy in place to try and control new development within the county. Local services like school places and health services seem to have been forgotten about with the scale of proposed new house building.

The condition of our roads and availability of parking are becoming ever more problematic.  If elected I’ll work with Amble residents to make sure our voices are heard at County Hall.

I have worked for Northumberland Estate as a building maintenance worker for 34 years as a painter decorator (signwriter) working in the grandest castle to small tenants cottages in rural Northumberland. I lived in Widdrington Station until I moved to Amble in 1995. Married to Mary an Amble lass, and we have a teenage son together, a stepfather to two adults and a grandfather to four little ones, I feel I can relate to the very young and the older generation.

It would be a privilege and honour to carry on Robert Arckless’s fantastic work representing the people of Amble, Hauxley, and Togston, I am inspired by Robert’s dedication and years of hard work serving our community.

Labour Councils are at the forefront in protecting public services they continue to work and deliver for our communities, working hard to improve the economy and quality of life for working people.

Living here for 25 years, ten years as a parish councillor, I understand what needs to be done to enhance Amble and its feeder villages. I have listened to your concerns on the doorstep for the County Council proposal of 1,400 extra homes.

Residents opinions have been taken for granted in the past, but now with your support, I guarantee your voice will be heard and that you will have a say on the future of Amble. I wish to restore local democracy and re-direct funding to the town from the south east. Planning decisions have been cloaked in secrecy at County Hall and announced by the press, avoiding scrutiny with our local Town Council.

The County Council Constitution states ‘residents must be consulted on any development plans’. I want to put the needs of Amble, Hauxley and Togston residents first and our infrastructure improved before new developments are considered.



Born and bred in Warkworth, now I live in Amble where I run a business. In the last few years I have been chairman of Amble Business Club and I have campaigned for parking and better traffic flow in Amble. I instigated a petition of 3,000 names from local people, for more parking in the town.

I am standing because I am passionate about rural living, community involvement, the education and employment of the next generation and the care and welfare of the elderly. The local infrastructure, the abundance of new build, the increase in holiday lets, the cuts to local services and the quality of life for all is maintained and improved.

The links, rail, road, air and telecommunications with the rest of the country must be maintained and upgraded.

I have lived and worked in Northumberland for 10 years together with my wife and three girls. My background is as a lawyer and I run my own hospitality business. We all want improvements to local services, roads, parking and schools but who will actually deliver those improvements. Thanks to the Conservatives there is less money for our council to spend on the local services. Labour are in disarray under Jeremy Corbyn and have no plans for our area.

For me, being a Liberal Democrat is a fairly simple choice. We believe in opportunity – that everyone, no matter what your background, should have the same chance in life. That starts with a strong and stable economy, fit for the long-term, and decent public services – without those, creating opportunity is impossible.

I hope you’ll elect me to speak up for and improve opportunities for Warkworth and Amble here in Northumberland.

I have been involved within the local community for several years and would love to further this involvement in the role of County Councillor for Labour. I have been involved with the Army Cadet force for nearly four years. This has involved several community volunteering activities. These have been very community led. Activities such as; litter picks, poppy planting, poppy selling, fundraising, remembrance parades. I have also recently become involved with the Lifeboat Station.

I have experience with working with the families of prisoners and my education in criminology and social policy alongside the education system in my capacity as a trained teacher has developed my desire to work with those who feel marginalised by Conservative government policy that is failing whole sections of the rural community.

Labour Councils are committed to protecting public services they continue to deliver for communities, working hard to improve the life chances for working people.

Having lived and worked in this area for 25 years I understand it and appreciate its problems. I have been your County Councillor for 10 years and before this a District Councillor. During this time I have been actively involved in improving Amble helping with some of the local issues on the Town Council and other bodies. With your support I would like to continue doing this.

I am particularly involved with helping our young people and feel this is important for the future success of the town. I am concerned that the local interests of Amble are in danger of being pushed to one side in favour of south east Northumberland.  I believe this is happening now and I want to stop this neglect.

The number of housing applications currently under consideration would have a severe effect on our infrastructure. I will do  all I can to ensure that our town has the investment in services to cope with its needs.


Who will get your vote in the local elections?

  • ANN BURKE - Ind (Amble with Warkworth) (26%, 11 Votes)
  • TERRY CLARK - Lab (Amble with Hauxley & Togston) (21%, 9 Votes)
  • ROGER CASHMORE - LibDem (Amble with Hauxley & Togston) (19%, 8 Votes)
  • NICOLA MORRISON - Lab (Amble with Warkworth) (12%, 5 Votes)
  • JUNE WATSON - Con (Amble with Hauxley & Togston) (9%, 4 Votes)
  • JEFF WATSON - Con (Amble with Warkworth) (9%, 4 Votes)
  • ANDREW FINDLAY - LibDem (Amble with Warkworth) (4%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 43

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