Local butcher joins the call to reduce plastic

Posted on 16th May 2018 | in Business News

Julie Baxter  with the new paper packaging at Roland’s butchers

When a call goes out from the community asking for local businesses to reduce their use of plastic, it’s heartening to know they hear us.

Roland’s butchers on Amble’s Queen Street have responded to the growing number of voices alarmed at the over-use of plastic in our everyday lives. They now sell most of their products wrapped in paper, rather than the single use plastic wrapping and bags we are all used to.

Julie Baxter, retail supervisor for Roland’s  told the Ambler: “I hate seeing so much plastic everywhere. I suggested to Jeff [Roland] that we try to use much less plastic in the shop, and he was in agreement. So now we’re using greaseproof paper and we wrap everything up in paper. It’s just like the old days!”

Co-worker Wendy Donaldson agreed. “It’s just like when I first started here as a Saturday girl, we wrapped everything in paper then. Now it’s what’s needed;  it’s the way forward.”

Mince and liver are about the only things which still need to be sold wrapped in plastic, but even that issue can be resolved if you bring your own packaging.

“People are loving the idea,” said Julie. “They are so pleased we are doing something for the environment. Some people are so keen they even bring their own Tupperware containers!”

And she was encouraging for other businesses to join the movement. “If we as a small town can reduce the amount of plastic, other places could follow suit.”

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One thought on "Local butcher joins the call to reduce plastic"

  1. Sandra says:

    Well done Julie and all staff we should all take a leaf out of your book xx

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