Amble in top ten places to live by the sea

Posted on 05th February 2019 | in Community

Amble was described in glowing terms in a recent Sunday Times article. In a list of their top ten places to live by the sea, the Friendliest Port was praised for its regeneration in recent years.

^ Amble is listed in the Sunday Times best places to live by the sea

“An enthusiastic regeneration scheme has transformed the harbour – now home to smart apartments, cafes, restaurants and the Northumberland Seafood Centre, a lobster hatchery and fish market – and with it the fortunes of the village (sic).”

The article continues: “Unlike (more expensive) second-home spots on Northumberland’s rugged coast, Amble stays lively all year. The friendly marina is used mostly by locals, there are weekend markets and the tasty selection of places to eat includes Spurreli, an ice-cream parlour where folk will queue happily for gelato even in the chilliest weather, as well as Sea&Soil and the Old Boat House, which both offer great seafood.”

First on the Sunday Times’ (alphabetical) list was Aberdyfl in Gwynedd, with towns like Hove, North Berwick and St Ives also in the top ten.

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One thought on "Amble in top ten places to live by the sea"

  1. Stevie amour says:

    I don’t know why ppl call it the friendliest port. It’s not they are so many fake smiles so many backstabbers. It’s renown for it by locals. So why is the reality of this place ever published and the chav behaviour of many with so much drinking way to much to often. The food quality is bad and it’s rather run down in terms of how well maintained it is. Other than in the town centre. Just as to attact visitors etc.. I’ve lived here 5yr now the quality of education here is very poor and statistics show it’s one of the areas in uk that has least educated ppl. Plus the schools are all below standards. The wages are averaging under average for U.K. They are so much rude ppl and children. Oh and why is how racist it is never mentioned. Quality of life here is poor almost all beyond a certain age are obese. Its a high rate area fir lower life expectancy here and yet I see if any of this is ever published MPs etc kicking up a fuss trying to hide the bad of the town which is trickery and its not good all shouid be allowed to be published not always some glossed over publications onmy looking at few points it’s like a scam to encourage ppl here. Under false impressions

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