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Posted on 18th April 2019 | in Letters & Email , Opinion

I would like to respond to the views expressed by harbour Master Alan Punton (Issue 115 p7 ) re dog owners not picking up their dogs mess.
I would like to speak up for the responsible dog owners like myself who do pick up their dog mess.
I carry many bags with me when I walk my dog. I enjoy walking in Amble harbour and surrounding area with her.
I do get annoyed with dog owners who do not pick their mess up as this behaviour tends to reflect on all dog owners.
These people have already ruined the joy of walking my dog on Amble beach between May and September.
Two things that should be noted about this behaviour is that
1.You never see who the person is that leaves their dog mess. These people could be walking their dog at night and think they can get away with it. Therefore no matter what restrictions and signs are put up these people will still carry on acting in the same way.
2.Some of the dog owners could be visitors to the town who know they do not have to deal with the waste and can just drive off and leave it behind.
3.Even if the dog has to be on a lead that will not stop the people with that dog leaving the mess behind.
If we are not careful Amble will become a town that is not welcoming to dog owners.
I must say that whilst I am picking my dogs mess up I am still noticing cigarette butts everywhere that smokers just assume they can chuck on the ground and also a lot of litter. I can go for a walk with my dog most places in Amble and pick up a bag of litter each time I do so.
Not all dog owners leave mess. The ones that do will always do it no matter what signs and restrictions there are.
Responsible dog owner
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3 thoughts on "Responsible Owners"

  1. Tea Dog says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with the ‘responsible dog owner’. The thing that’s hard to get past, whatever restrictions and laws are in place, is thar essentially the human being is a lazy creature. You may disagree (of course many are not) but when you take a walk and see the rubbish everywhere it is hard to defend. Regarding the point about cigarettes :In my most recent job (before moving to the area… sorry) there was a metal bin outside with a lid for cigarette ends. It’s not an exaggeration to say that there were as many on the floor around it as there were in the bin! People always say that these types of issues are caused by a small minority and maybe that is true but either way it would be so nice to be able to walk around Amble or anywhere else without having to worry about it.

  2. Michael says:

    Its alright the harbour master complaint but what about his beach he’s supposed to look after .the sand has rock logs broken glass in the water and sand pot calling the kettle here. Why not pay someone to police the area or are you making to much money you want to keep it for yourself.

  3. Mo says:

    Agree with Michael and Tea Dog on Harbour Master’s decision. I hadnt realised this was in the Harbour Master’s remit If it is dog mess he is concerned about, having a dog on lead doesn’t necessarily follow that the dog walker will pick up. I agree that dogs must be on lead, but at quiet times on the beach surely there’s no harm in letting the pooch run free for a while. we’ve got to use our discretion though.

    As licence holders, dogs cannot be treated this harshly. I can fully understand and support dogs being banned from a playground or in a paddling pool.

    Instead of banning pets, there could be a curfew time each day during the summer holiday season, say between 11 am and 6 pm.

    Amble and Warkworth are two beautiful places but the dog mess is unbelievable. The Amble braid and Warkworth river walk could well be designated as an official doggie loo.

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