Environmentally friendly Mocha Mondo

Posted on 11th June 2019 | in Amble Harbour Village , Business News , Community , Environment

Katy Park and Martin Homer

Mocha Mondo are becoming well known not only for their great tasting coffee, but also for their ethical approach to product sourcing and packaging.

Owner Martin Homer said “We have made various changes over the last year to ensure our cups, lids, stirrers, and packaging are plastic free. We still have some work to do but we are proud of the changes we’ve made knowing they will help to reduce the negative impact our business could have had on the environment.”

Martin continued “We also are very happy to make our drinks in customers’ own reusable cups and although it is a new initiative from water companies, Mocha Mondo have always and will continue to top up water bottles for free!”

Community heroes
As well as being committed to reducing their impact on the environment as much as possible, Mocha Mondo is also keen to support the local community and in particular, those who give their time and skills freely to make it a better place for us all.

They give out vouchers to various local voluntary organisations such as Litterbugs, Christmas Lights, and Amble events, to pass on to these community heroes. If you run a voluntary community group in Amble, please email: roastedandposted@gmail.com


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2 thoughts on "Environmentally friendly Mocha Mondo"

  1. Helen Cooper says:

    We get all our coffee from Mocha Mondo as well as buying it as gifts for friends. We are happy to support their environmentally friendly approach to packaging and wish that more coffee cups were compostible!
    Come on Amble Town Council, do your bit…provide designated bins for recycling waste.

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