Fun to be had at Mauretania Day

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Sunday 7 July 2019

It’s that time of year again, at the beginning of summer, when Amble celebrates Mauretania Day.

This year’s 1930s themed event will be bigger than ever, as we are using the Town Square as well as the Harbour Village for our entertainment. Events will take place from 10am-4pm.

Morgan cars will be at Amble Harbour Village on Mauretania Day

We once again welcome the Morgan Car Club who are bringing 12 vintage vehicles. They will be around both areas for us to enjoy observing and you will be able to ask the members about their originalities.

Among the performers there will be the Jayes Newbiggin Brass Band in the Harbour Village as well as the Silver Wind Band performing in the Town Square. Other performers will include Amble Sword, Amble Harbour Lights Choir, Tribe Zuza and our Town Square host John Brown from Lionheart Community Radio in Alnwick.

There will also be stalls, coffee and doughnuts as well as kiddies rides.

As this is a sea related event, we also welcome The Fishermen’s Mission down to Radcliffe Quay where they will be holding a short mid afternoon service on behalf of all our fisherman. St Cuthbert’s Church will hold a café church at 4pm at the Harbour Village.

The Friendliest Port

Amble was first known as ‘The Kindliest Port’ from a return message to Amble Urban Council in 1935 when the RMS Mauretania sailed on its last journey.

On Wednesday 6th July 1935, on her final voyage, RMS Mauretania sailed past Amble on her way to the docks at Rosyth to be broken up.

At 10.25am, the clerk to Amble Urban Council sent the captain of the Mauretania a message of greeting:

“Amble to Mauretania. Greetings from Amble, last port in England, to still the finest ship on the seas”.

Back came the reply:
“Mauretania to Urban Council, Amble, to the last and kindliest port in England, greetings and thanks. Mauretania.”

Decades of retelling this story means ‘kindliest’ has now turned into ‘friendliest’.

To make an extra special event of this, we will be looking for anyone who has done a ‘kindly’ deed explaining what they have done to achieve this. You can either send your ‘Kindly Deeds’ to the Seafood Centre or by email to by Saturday 6 July. There may be a nice surprise for someone taking part.

We look forward to you coming along and enjoying the day with us all.

Bart Rippon
Harbour Village Co-ordinator

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