Corona Diary: Day 04

Posted on 24th March 2020 | in Blogs , Community , Corona Diary , Coronavirus

The diary of a student who is no longer in school, following what this new virus means for us.

Yesterday’s news report was both shocking and anticipated. We were all sitting in the living room when mum switched over to watch the news- though me and my sister wanted to carry on watching QI- and we watched as our prime minister made a speech, telling us that we couldn’t leave the house except for exercise and emergency.

I can’t believe that only four days ago I was in school, hugging my friends goodbye, when now I’m not allowed to see them for at least the next three weeks. We’d all heard about these measures in other countries, but it’s hard to imagine exactly what it’s like to not be able to leave. To be honest, it’s still hard to imagine. Although these rules are in place now, it still just feels like a normal holiday, especially where we live up North. In Amble, there aren’t as many problems as places like London, and it’s barely even affected us yet.

We went for a run at Warkworth to get some fresh air.

We are definitely still feeling the impacts of the virus though. Our family went out for a short run this afternoon, and on the way back home there were a few other people walking along the path in front us. Usually, we wouldn’t even think about it. We’d just run straight past. Today, we ran on the grass by the side of the path, running as far out as possible without falling into the road. What if those people had been my friends? I could smile and wave, but would I be able to go over and talk to them? The answer seems to be no.

This is one of the reasons that technology is such a great tool at the moment. I texted all of my friends on the group chat this morning just to catch up, and my sister did a group FaceTime with a few of her friends while she worked. I’m so glad that we have the ability to stay in contact that easily or there would be no way of knowing if everyone was coping okay.

These measures are important, and we’ll follow whatever rules they set, even if we’re not allowed to leave the house. I just hope that it won’t be too long until I can see my friends again. Friday seems like a long time ago, and texting isn’t quite the same as seeing people face to face.

by Lily Tibbitts

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  1. liam says:

    i sill go to school but this week we are raving

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