Corona Diary: Day 10-11

Posted on 31st March 2020 | in Blogs , Community , Corona Diary , Coronavirus

The diary of a student who is no longer in school, following what this new virus means for us.

Staying in contact with friends has been one of the hardest parts of the past week. Usually I’d see everyone at school, but with that no longer available we’ve ended up texting quite a bit and occasionally calling each other. We often end up talking a lot about all the things we are sorely missing being able to do. Those things we miss or that we’d like to do have turned into a bit of a list:

  1. Going to cafes- I’ll be the first to admit that me and my friends don’t meet up outside of school a lot, but that always made it really special when we went out to cafes and restaurants. One of our favourites was Dolly’s and Daisies, and we’ve already been organising a trip back there as soon as we’re allowed.

    The last time we went to Dolly’s and Daisies.

  2. Celebrating birthdays- One of my friends has missed her birthday because of the quarantine. She’d planned to take us bowling and then to get lunch, so we’ve promised we’re definitely going to recreate the day, even if it’s months after her birthday.
  3. Talking face to face- It’s such a simple thing: we all miss being able to just chat to each other normally. My mum has been using Facetime to talk to people a lot, but it’s not the same as seeing each other without the screen buffering and a few seconds delay.
  4. Going to school- Although it’s only been a week, it feels like much more, and me and my friends have all agreed we miss attending lessons and seeing other people there. It’s hard to believe that we’re not going back. In A-Levels, things will be very different, and many people will have moved to different places. I took for granted the structure and socialising that a school day provides. 

That’s the short version of the list (there are many more things that we want to do). This has been a good time to consider what things we miss, and therefore what things we should do more of once things return to normal. I found it good to create a list like this to remind me, after the quarantine, of all the things that I should value whilst I have them.

by Lily Tibbitts

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4 thoughts on "Corona Diary: Day 10-11"

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Lily, I just wanted to congratulate you on your diary. It’s well written and thoughtful. It will also be a good record of these very strange times. Well done!

  2. Valerie Glass says:

    I too am enjoying your blog/ diary Lily. You have a gift for writing so I’m wondering what A levels you are studying.i would not be surprised to hear you plan to study English at Uni. I am also keeping a diary for the archives of the Record Office where I am a volunteer. But I wonder how long I will be able to keep it going!

  3. Lily Tibbitts says:

    Thank you! I’m planning to study English literature and language in A levels and I hope to go on to do literature and creative writing at university. Good luck with your diary!

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