Corona Diary: Day 15-18

Posted on 07th April 2020 | in Blogs , Community , Corona Diary , Coronavirus

The diary of a student who is no longer in school, following what this new virus means for us. 

The past few days should’ve been the beginning of the Easter holidays, instead things have been getting rapidly worse. It seems as if the situation could turn into a full lock down- meaning no running or walking or leaving the house at all- and, for the first time, the virus itself has begun to impact the people I know.

One of my relatives has been tested positive for covid-19, and it seems likely that another relative has caught it as well. Thankfully, his condition appears to be getting better, but it’s still very scary. It’s awful to think that, by the end of this pandemic, we could all potentially know someone who died from the virus. The disease is so widespread.

A few children have also died, including a thirteen year old with no underlying health conditions. This also made me have to stop and think about the virus itself. Previously, it had only been the impact of the virus on my day to day life which had been worrying: the schools closing, my exams being cancelled, only being allowed outside once a day. I was fairly convinced that, as a healthy teenager, I was safe.

It was really scary to see how empty the street was whilst we were out on a walk.

Now, it’s a lot more worrying. I know that I’m at a very low-risk of getting coronavirus, but the threat of the disease itself is now undeniably there. Although I’m still more worried about my family members who are at higher risk than I am about myself, there’s now the extra added anxiety about what would happen if I got ill as well.

There’s a lot to be scared of, and a lot has changed. I’m lucky that, until now, I haven’t really seen the direct consequences of the virus, even if it has affected my day to day life just like everyone else. I just have to keep hoping that we can stay safe and well.

by Lily Tibbitts

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3 thoughts on "Corona Diary: Day 15-18"

  1. Moira Casey says:

    I thought I might just add a few words from New Zealand. My sister lives in Amble and my husband and kids were all born there … well in Ashington Hospital.
    We now live to the West if Auckland in New Zealand in a small town and we live close to one son on 2/3 acres of land. We have our own Granny flat …. a minor dwelling on the land so we are in the same isolated bubble as our son, daughter in law and 3 grandkids. So thankfully we see our grandkids daily as they are allowed to visit up the driveway ! We can go to the local supermarket as long as we are careful and it is One in and One out so they are being very careful. The supermarket is fully stocked with fresh food and the usual goods.
    We have a big garden and a big covered deck so we are not stuck inside even if it does rain ! Life is good and we have lovely views over the land. Thankfully there has been no reports of any Virus infected people locally.
    I hope your relative recovers well and you all keep well in Amble. Keep safe.
    Regards from some Geordies in New Zealand,.

    1. Lily Tibbitts says:

      Thank you, I hope you manage to stay safe!

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