Corona Diary: Day 19-21

Posted on 10th April 2020 | in Blogs , Community , Corona Diary , Coronavirus

The diary of a student who is no longer in school, following what this new virus means for us.

With the huge changes in lifestyle that have stemmed from this pandemic, lots of people have been reflecting on what’s important. Many have commented on which professions are vital for society, but on a more personal level it’s a good time to look at what we miss from everyday life to show us the things that really matter to us.

One of the biggest surprises for me was how much I almost immediately missed school. It wasn’t so much the revision and exams (which I’m not too upset to be missing), but the whole school day gives a clear structure that I definitely don’t have whilst we’re in lockdown 

The other thing that school provides is lots of time to be social, and without the simple half an hour for lunch to just sit down with my friends I’ve found that I’m really missing spending time with them. I was never extremely social- me and my friends didn’t go out places or do things very often- but now I know that’s definitely something I want to change once lockdown’s over.

There are some things that I’ve also discovered I need to make time for once we’re back to everyday life. I’ve been doing lots more writing and reading, things that I don’t usually make as much time for, but I now realise that I should be doing much more. They’re the things I’ve been really enjoying, so why don’t I do them all the time?

Some of the books I’ve been reading now I have a bit more time.

We’ve all had to miss out on a lot of the things we’d normally do, but lots of us are also doing things we wouldn’t usually even think of. Whether it’s baking, writing or even just calling our relatives more often, it’s good to look at how we want to change our lives once this pandemic is over, and what we really want to stay the same.

by Lily Tibbitts

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