Corona Diary: Day 26-28

Posted on 17th April 2020 | in Blogs , Community , Corona Diary , Coronavirus

The diary of a student who is no longer in school, following what this new virus means for us. 

This Sunday will be the last day of the Easter holidays, although I’m not sure how much will change once we’re ‘back at school’. We’re going to be getting work to do that’s based around our A-level choices- I’m almost looking forward to having that to do, just to have something to focus on and get back into more of a routine again.

School wasn’t always fun. In year 11, it was especially stressful with the pressure of exams looming over us, and it’s almost a weight off of my shoulders to know that I don’t have to do them anymore. The work we’re doing at the minute feels a lot more relaxed than revision for GCSEs and we’re able to do it in our own time.

Without a fixed timetable, we’ve been able to go for walks or runs whenever we want, which is a more positive change.

However, the social aspect has been the bit I’ve missed from the start. I almost wouldn’t mind the workload again if it meant I got to spend six hours a day with my friends. It was stressful to have the pressure of exams, but this pandemic has brought about a different kind of stress that is definitely a lot worse and much less predictable.

I’m spending a lot of time looking forward to A-levels, which currently sounds ideal. Studying a few choice subjects and going home or into town if there’s a spare lesson, able to have a lot more independence that year 11, is a perfect situation in my mind. At the moment, I’m willing to ignore the amount of work I’ll have to do in favour of thinking about going to cafes at lunch.

The freedom is what I’m really looking forward to getting back, and I definitely intend to use it once we’re allowed out of lock down again. It’s hard to imagine at least another three weeks in the house, so keeping an eye firmly fixed on the more distant future is helping.

by Lily

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3 thoughts on "Corona Diary: Day 26-28"

  1. Cindy Sheppard says:

    Very interesting Keep safe xx💕💕

  2. Valerie glass says:

    I’m enjoying your diary, Lily. Mine is rather mundane and much less thoughtful than yours! I hope lots of people are reading it.

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