A bright idea to light up the town: Amble Festival of Light

Posted on 02nd October 2020 | in Community , What's On

Amble Events Committee are planning a unique alternative to the famous Torchlight Procession. The annual parade which coincides with the Christmas Lights switch-on is one of Amble’s most popular events, but due to Coronavirus restrictions, it has had to be cancelled this year.

“The idea is that every street is lit up with individual home-made lanterns”

However, determined not to be defeated by the grinch-like virus, members of the committee have had a bright idea to light up the town.

The committee are encouraging households, streets and individuals to participate in the Amble Festival of Light. The idea is that every street is lit up with individual home-made lanterns, light installations or banners, hung on their doorsteps, windows, in their garden or back lane, or even on their nearest lamppost.

Those who would like to participate but don’t want to make something could have a lantern or light made by someone else. Street coordinators will also encourage younger members of the community to make things for older neighbours too.

Hand decorated lanterns

Online workshops will be held to show people how to make lanterns and illuminated window displays and how to order and collect the kits, which would be free to local residents. There will also be information about how you can use readily available materials you have at home to add to your display or how to donate materials that you might have to the project. There will be a webpage so that all the films of the event and resources can be accessed in one place. The page will also have a sign up facility so individuals and streets can sign up, and hopefully street co-ordinators can be recruited.

Frances Anderson of Dry Water Arts will be co-ordinating the lantern workshops. She said “We’re inviting people to take part in a new Amble tradition inspired by the need to socially distance which brings light, togetherness and celebration to the streets and doorsteps of Amble without having to leave your doorstep or street! ”

Let your imagination fly!


Christmas Lights switch-on
The Christmas lights in the town centre will be switched on sometime during mid November; this year there is no formal switch on date.

Organisers of the Lights Committee and the Events Committee are concerned for public safety and do not wish to encourage people to congregate on the street at any one time.

The Festival of Light will begin on 18 November, and rather than it being just one night it will be held over a few nights from 5pm-8pm, enabling people to be inspired and to add more contributions so that it grows during the festival.

As with the Torchlight Procession, the Festival of Light will have a theme: for this year it is Myths and Legends.

Frances said “We will begin the build up to the festival with an online storytelling and myth creation workshop with Malcolm Green, a storyteller and Author of Northumberland Folk Tales.

The idea is to inspire people with an emphasis on creating new myths and stories. Some suggestions to start with could be: The Little Shore Snake, the Lobster Queen, or the Amble Selkie. Or traditional stories such as the Lambton Worm. Windows of domestic dwellings can become the showcases for these legends, encouraging people to let their imaginations fly!”

For more information contact Frances Anderson (07542 141411/ info@drywaterarts.uk) or Julia Aston (01665 712929/julia@ambledevelopmenttrust.org.uk

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  1. Sally Leighton says:

    Lovely idea , we have the Galley on Queen Street, please let us know if we can support you in any way. I live on st Lawrence Avenue and will be taking part .

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