Covid group 5 asked to wait for jab in Amble

Posted on 19th February 2021 | in Coronavirus

Amble residents who are in priority group 5 (age 65 – 69) are being recommended to travel to a Mass Vaccination Centre (MVC) to receive their Covid-19 jabs. This will allow Coquet Medical Group to concentrate on patients in group 6 (age 18-65 in an ‘at risk’ group).

However, patients in group 5 who prefer to be vaccinated in Amble, are being asked to wait until group 6 have been seen first. At that point, they will be invited to attend the Amble clinic.

The nearest MVCs are in Washington and Newcastle. However The Ambler has heard reports that appointments are filling up fast and the nearest centres are sometimes proving difficult to book.

On their Facebook page, CMG say

“Priority group 6 (clinically vulnerable) is a large group of patients. We vaccinated over 1000 from this group in the last 2 days. We will be focusing on this group in our next clinics which we anticipate will be week commencing 1st March.

“We recognise that it may be confusing knowing whether or not you are in this group but please be reassured that we have sophisticated searches to identify who is in this group.”

The statement continues:

“It is anticipated that vaccine supply will increase and be more reliable over the next couple of weeks. We have calculated that with a weekly delivery we will be able to vaccinate the top 9 groups (all over 50 and those clinically vulnerable) with their 1st dose by the end of April, however you may find it quicker going to a mass vaccination centre if invited there.

“We will also be starting 2nd doses at an 11 week interval from the middle of March which is vital if this vaccination program is going to be successful.”

Those people in group 5 who wish to receive their vaccinations in Amble are asked not to contact the Health Centre. They will be aware that you have not had your jab, so will contact you as soon as they can.

Anna Williams

First phase priority groups for Covid-19 vaccinations




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2 thoughts on "Covid group 5 asked to wait for jab in Amble"

  1. Michael billham says:

    There no way un les you provide me posting feed back

  2. Dina Clarke says:

    The surgeries are doing a really good job with the vaccinations it is however disappointing that the over 65s are being asked to travel over 60 miles minimum to be able to get theirs when there are facilities closer to home
    What happened to do not travel out of your area

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