Hauxley Parish Council report #127

Posted on 24th March 2021 | in Community , Hauxley Nature Reserve , Hauxley Parish Council

Local Council elections
The Council term is coming to an end and the new council is due to be elected on 6th May. Details of the election process for potential candidates was available on the Council website. Councillor Ken Graham announced that he will not be standing to be a councillor after 12 years of working with the Parish Council. The Council thanked him for his hard work and dedication to the village during his time on the Council.

‘Amble’ Coastal Summit
The Clerk attended a meeting with senior officers of Northumberland County Council and outlined the issues faced in the village because of excessive traffic, obstructive and inconsiderate parking, increased danger to pedestrians, and the increase of litter and dog fouling. NCC would be looking at what measures they could put in place to alleviate these issues for the summer season.

Highways Issues
As government restrictions were due to ease the Parish Council would be submitting a further request for a walkabout with a Highways Officer to look at short term and longer-term solutions solution to the deterioration of the verges at Hauxley Lane, the recurring potholes on the bridgeway at Low Hauxley and the parking on verges at Low Hauxley

Dog Fouling
The new bin has been installed at Kirkwell Cottages. To decrease dog fouling issues within the village, the council will be submitting a funding bid to our County Councillor to help with the costs of installing several dog bag dispensers, which will be located at strategic locations to encourage all dog owners to ‘bag it and bin it’.

Three of the hides at Hauxley Wildlife Centre have been vandalised

Vandalism at Hauxley Wildlife Centre
The Parish Council was extremely disappointed to learn of the recent vandalism at Hauxley Wildlife Centre and urged resident to report any suspicious behaviour to the police to protect the reserve and the village from any vandalism.

Future meetings
The Annual meeting of the Parish Council would be held at 6.30pm on Monday 17th May 2021 via Zoom.

Email: hauxleypc@gmail.com  Website: https:// northumberlandparishes.uk/hauxley

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One thought on "Hauxley Parish Council report #127"

  1. David Hall says:

    When will the council,admit there is time for a dog warden!
    Moved here over 3 years ago,never seen so much dog mess.
    I clear after my dog,and even others, when the mess,is on walkways
    Likely to be trod on by anyone.Example on pier,crossings,near bins.

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